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    Christmas Tree Ornaments 1.0

    在这个资产中,你可以得到12个圣诞树饰品。所有的装饰品都是手工制作的。所有元素都是向量。所有的背景都是作为纹理,所以你可以很容易地改变他们在一起。 使你的游戏或应用的节日界面! In this asset you can get 12 Christmas tree ornaments. All ornaments are in the handmade style. All elements are vector. All backgrounds are made as texture, so you can easily change them together. Make...
  2. UnityStore

    2D Funny Ghosts 1.0

    在这个软件包中,你得到了两种不同风格的七个有趣的微笑的幽灵!每个鬼都是它自己的单一精灵,不包括动画。享受! In this package you get the seven funny smiling ghosts in two different styles! Each ghost is its own single sprite and doesn't include animations. Enjoy!
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