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    MS Skid Marks System 1.1

    这个脚本被设计用来设计刹车标志,并用于使用车轮碰撞器部件的车辆上。 所有出现在视频中的都包含在资产中。该系统允许你设置防滑标志的宽度,它的不透明度,它的颜色,还允许你分别配置地形。这样,刹车痕迹可以有不同的颜色和不同的不透明度,根据不同的地形。 This script is designed to design skid marks, and works on vehicles that use the wheel collider component. Everything that appears in the video is included in the asset. The...
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    Alphabet Numbers and Punctuation Marks 1.0

    字母数字和标点符号-伟大的手机游戏。 通过给他们独特的名称,使用以下字母,数字和符号来个性化你的对象。 特征: -字母A到Z -数字9 - 0 -所有的标点符号 站模型 演示场景 -调整你喜欢的模型的颜色 -所有的模型都有碰撞 10 - 56每封信之间三、数字或符号。 支持,联系我ovidiuvladut3d@gmail.com我会很乐意帮忙的! Alphabet Numbers and Punctuation Marks - Great for mobile games. Personalize your objects by giving them unique names...
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    预览 SMS - School Management System 等待分享

    School management system in Laravel 5.2 Management system for all types of educational institutions like schools and colleges. Requirements Its always recommended to use vps or an environment where composer is available for laravel applications Before purchasing, please make sure your server...
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    预览 Psquares school management system 等待分享

    Psquares School Management is a powerful school management system that is designed with the aim to manage the school records with ease. The responsible layout allows you to use in desktop as well as tablet and mobile. It can be run offline or online. It covers maximum modules that can a school...
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    预览 Responsive Sako School Management System 等待分享

    Responsive Sako School Management System “Sako School Management System” SMS is a webbased responsive application for school management. You can manage your hole school system via this web application, multiple student can be admit in one parents and parents can check his/her each student...
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    预览 Ekattor School Management System Pro 等待分享

    Update History version 4.1 – 17 May, 2016 - Monthly student attendance report - Print option for monthly attendance - Performance improvements - Minor bug fixes version 4.0 – 21 March, 2016 - Advanced Student Promotion Module - Section wise class routine with print option - Academic syllabus...

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