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    预览 phpDolphin Forum Module 等待分享

    May the ideas flow! Keep a forum for your phpDolphin network users. You can create an unlimited number of categories, forums and subforums, set moderators and privileges, choose between three text editors (visual/WYSIWYG, BBcode and Markdown), review posts before they’re becoming public (if you...
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    预览 Ajax Comment System for Laravel 等待分享

    Ajax Comment System for Laravel is an advance script for managing comments on your website, offering vast number of options including spam detection, emoticons, bbcode, editing, votes, replies, real time comments and much more. Demo: Ajax Comment System for Laravel Docs : Installation - Ajax...
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    预览 Codespire Dokumen - Responsive Markdown Viewer 等待分享

    Dokumen is drop-in Markdown document viewer, with minimal setup you can create a beautiful document site from Markdown document and upload it online or use in your application distribution. Dokumen Version 1.1.0 Required PHP 5.3+ Drop-in online Markdown document viewer. Support responsive...
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    预览 Tale - CMS Website Engine 等待分享

    Tale – Website Engine TALE is designed to improve the way you publish a website. It unifies the basic functions that you need, without leaving the ability to continue extending and customizing features. Nowadays there are many amazing html templates but after acquired, still need a backend to...

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