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    预览 Growth Industries 等待分享

    Growth Industries A clean, modern template for your business or personal site. This template is easy to edit and customize, check out the features below: 7 Color Themes View Colors (blue, brown, green, purple, orange, red, olive) Flexible Variable-Column Layout Many layout options available...
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    预览 Feedback screenshot form + 等待分享

    This php form of feedback helps you to get more information from your website visitors. Creates a screenshot of site page, enables to create annotations to page elements, categories of messages, does not slow down loading of a site, logs and saves javascript errors on a page, saves HTML...
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    预览 ContactZ - Impress and Contact Form 等待分享

    UPDATE: DEMO NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN ContactZ is an easy, lightweight and a very customizable contact form. As special features a impress and a persons section are included. UPDATE: Support to embed the script in a existing page now! The contact form The contact form is a simple form, where the...

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