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    预览 Magento Advanced Inventory Extension 等待分享

    Advanced Inventory Extension for Magento is the most powerful extension, which can significantly facilitate your administrative experience and manage stock system of each store on website. This extension not only helps website owner manage multiple stocks for different stores but also allow to...
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    预览 Magento Order Upload 等待分享

    If you want to attach photos or upload files into each product on the product details page, then just install this extension without doing any hacks to your core Magento files. Many Magento website owners want to let their shoppers upload files or bind images directly into the product detail...
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    预览 ColorSwatch and Zoom for Magento 等待分享

    Are you selling products with different colors or designs on your Magento Store? Magento Color Swatch Extension with Zoom will help your customers understand how products can be looked at variations. You just simply assign any image from a gallery with each attribute and activate image switcher...
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    预览 Multi Lingual Email Templates 等待分享

    Demo:admin/admin@123 Apply Coupon Code on Checkout Process “Multilingual Email Templates Magento extension allows store owners to manage email templates for different languages and locales by just selecting locale and entering the changed template for all pages on the store from back end...
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    预览 Magento Sales Notification on Twitter 等待分享

    Magento Sales Notification on Twitter is a simple, flexible, yet powerful solution help you notify a new order on your store automatically like a tweet by Twitter instead of by your email in real-time. Extension Feature: Easy to install. Send notification to Twitter account when customer place...
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    预览 Ajax Cart magento extension 等待分享

    From our Blog: Slider Revolution Magento Extension now support Addons. Discover the power of Whiteboard & Backup NwdAjax – Ajax Cart magento extension is a perfect solution for those who do not want their visitors to leave the page when they add products to cart. Add your products to cart...
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    预览 Magento Gift Card 等待分享

    Gift Card, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros is a very useful extension which helps you setup Gift Card Products which your customers can purchase. Gift Cards always have been popular way to gift to loved ones. Use this extension and have Gift Cards on your Magento Store.
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    预览 Magento Frequently Bought Together 等待分享

    Frequently Bought Together, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros is an easy, simple but very useful extension which displays the products other customers have purchased which impacts on customers’ purchase decision. Which helps Magento store to sell more products.
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    预览 Magento Delete Orders 等待分享

    Delete Orders, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros is an easy, simple but very useful extension which helps Store owner to delete unwanted orders from their Magento Stores. With this extension, you can order a single order or you can delete many orders at once of your choice.
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    预览 Magento Wishlist Notification 等待分享

    Wishlist Notification, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros is an easy, simple but very useful extension which notifies the admin if any customer adds a product to his wishlist. With this notification, store owner can take the opportunity to make that wish listed item into a sale.
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    预览 Magento Infinite Scroll 等待分享

    Magento Infinite Scroll Extension developed by MCM Extensions helps your Magento store removing excessive, boring paginations which give better Customer Experience. It prevents extra clicks to go through each and every page to browse through the products you have. Infinite Scroll Extension is a...
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    预览 Magento Ajax Cart 等待分享

    Ajax Cart, Magento Extension developed by MagentoPros is an easy, simple but very useful extension which can stop unnecessary reloads while adding products to shopping cart. It speedups the process of adding products to the cart and lets your customers reach to checking out faster.
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    预览 Webinse Daily Deals 等待分享

    Want to attract more attention to your products? Then Daily Deals is for you! Even if your product is good, customers not always buy it. But if they see some special proposition that is limited in time and quantity, they get more interested in it. Daily Deals is a very popular extension on the...
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    预览 Magento Delete Orders 等待分享

    MCM Extensions’ Magento Delete Order extension let you delete the orders you want from your Magento Store which by default can’t be deleted. Delete Orders Extension is a simple and very easy to use. You can select the orders you want to delete and just have to select the delete to remove those...
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    预览 Magento Responsive Menu 等待分享

    A good menu helps your customers navigating easily on your store which results in better sales and customer experience. MCM Extension has developed Responsive Menu extension which gives your Magento Store better navigation throughout your store. Magento Responsive Menu is also enables responsive...
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    预览 Magento Banner Slider 等待分享

    If you want feature and highlight your products or offers on your store, then MCM’s Banner Slider extension is what you will need. It’s responsive and very easy to use so that you can change banners according to your offers easily without having any help from your developers. Banner Slider...

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