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    预览 Fortin Remember My Places - Location App 等待分享

    Visited a Particular Place? Loved the place? Fortin Remember My Place Application enables you to create a list of all of Favorite Places, with its parameters like Photo, Address, Location (Latitude & Longitude). Click the Photo of your Favorite Place and the Address of the place will get...
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    预览 Speedometer for iOS 8 等待分享

    Speed is a drop-dead simple speedometer for iPhone that uses the location data from the GPS to provide a near-accurate representation of how fast you’re actually traveling. Featuring lush graphics and a clear, legible display, Speed is the perfect bicycle, boat or train speedometer. Verify that...
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    预览 Google Map server side Markers clustering v2.0 等待分享

    Server side markers clustering for Google Maps API v3. Allow to place on your Google map up to 100 000 markers. Developed on pure PHP and MySQL. Google Map Clustering Wordpress plugin. Functionality Add/edit/delete and store Markers and Marker types Server side clustering Flexible integration...
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    预览 Mini Bots PHP Class 等待分享

    ADDED NEW BOTS AND METHODS THAT: - get instagram pictures by hashtag This PHP class is a growing collection of small spiders and web bot that go out on the web and make some small useful jobs. Features: Actually the mini bots can do those things: Copy a remote url to your local server...

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