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    预览 theLastBitcoin - HTML5 Game 等待分享

    theLastBitcoin is a simple yet fun HTML5 Game that was made in Construct 2. You’re the last Bitcoin left and you must fend off the Bitcoin Wallets trying to capture you by shooting petty Litecoins at them to keep them temporarily satisfied. The game is beyond easy to embed into your website, and...
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    预览 PayPro - Your Own Digital Download Payment Gateway 等待分享

    PayPro is a digital download payment gateway. Start a business simply by creating your own download payment gateway and offer Stripe, Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin as an option. Receive a percentage of each product sold using your very own PayPro gateway by charging a gateway fee in the...
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    预览 Litecoin Price Ticker 等待分享

    The Litecoin price ticker displays the current litecoin value in USD & BTC. The code is well commented and easy to install.
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    预览 The Bitcoin Toolbox 等待分享

    The ultimate Bitcoin Toolbox is an advanced bitcoin tools script, allowing you to create a website offering tools and information for bitcoin. This script includes 25+ features including the following: Current coin values in USD: Bitcoin / USD Litecoin / USD Novacoin / USD Namecoin / USD...

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