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    Accelerometer Like Gyroscope VR 1.0

    需要统一5.4.2p4或更高。 只在Android上工作。 不是所有的设备都能管理 虚拟现实或增强现实 因为不是所有的都有陀螺仪。 事实上,只有约1 \/ 5的电流 设备有陀螺仪。 这个资产解决了这个问题。 此资产使加速度计工作 仿佛它是一个陀螺仪, 为了使VR的使用成为可能 在所有设备。 有4个选项做跟踪。 2的这些选项工作得很好。 该资产检测设备是否 没有陀螺仪,如果没有 没有一个,根本没有问题。 因为它会使脚本做 加速度计跟踪。 -正确使用的文档 例如场景 -非常简单和易于使用 -非常容易配置在督察 一些评论和引导#代码C 现场录像 Requires Unity...
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    Trees Like A Breeze 1.1

    这个工具是一个尝试取代统一的默认地形树放置工具。像微风一样的树木可以让你更精细的控制你的树将被放置在哪里。 特点:自动放置在一个水网以上的树木。基于地形坡度的自动放置树。现实树放置Perlin噪声函数。定义树木不生长的区域(城镇等..)。选择树之间的最小距离。 实时更新一切。移动闭塞对撞机周围的地形和观赏树木避开他们! 请注意,在屏幕截图中显示的树模型不包含在这个包中。这只是一个放置树木的工具。 This tool is an attempt at replacing Unity's default terrain tree placement tools. Trees Like...
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    Earth like Planets 1.0

    自由5个像地球一样的行星,质量最高的纹理(4096x4096) 3云类型 -动态的白天和夜晚过渡 -阴影的独立的云 改变云与地球的自转速度 放大和缩小 -在每一个方向自由移动相机 检查我的其他工作 太阳能系统 现实星球地球材质 Free 5 Earth like planets with highest quality textures(4096x4096) - 3 Cloud types - Dynamic Day & Night transition - Separate clouds with shadows - Change rotation speed of...
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    预览 The Tattoogram 等待分享

    This is a complete source code like Instagram along with iOS & Website included. Now it will be more handy to capture and share your latest photo shoots with your groups/friends using this fantastic app, be updated and connected everyday through images with your friends/family. Its simple to use...
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    预览 WazzUp | iOS 8/9 Universal Private Chat App Template (Obj-C) 等待分享

    WazzUp | iOS 8/9 iPhone Private & Group Chat App Template (Obj-C) May 14th 2016 • Updated to XCode 7.3 • Changed backend hosting to back{4}app, still using Parse SDK [] • Some layout updates, changed main font to Titillium [] •...
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    预览 Instagram Swipe - Browse and Like Images Easily 等待分享

    See the app made with this template: Swipe! – Photo Swipe Gestures for Instagram on the App Store This easy to use app searches for Instagram media using hashtags, and displays them in a unique and convenient way allowing you to skim through albums quickly. You only have to swipe left to view...
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    预览 Like Dad Or Mom - Couples Look Alike 等待分享

    This photography app tells you how you look like parent? Or couples look alike? How do you look like parent? Are you a couple look alike? Like Father Like Son. Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Twins. All the check you need is in this app (Admob & Google analytics integrated & Eclipse Import) 1)...
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    预览 Social Buttons 等待分享

    One module to enable sharing, as a link, a content from your joomla website on the socials networks delicious, digg, facebook, google, twitter, linkedin, stumbleupon or technorati! Easy to install and configure Possibility to activta or desactivate some social network Available in two...
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    预览 Like 2 Show 等待分享

    Like 2 Show is a special kind of module. It will help Your fanpage grow, simple and fast. How it works? Imagine You have some cool free stuff You want do give Your site visitors (ebook, great link, image etc.), bunt not entirly free. You want them to like Your facebook fanpage for this. How to...
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    预览 jQuery Social Unlocker 等待分享

    Changelog: Features: 3 social networks support Fully customizable mask and components 7 unique design styles Support different social unlock styles Mobile devices ready Fully Responsive Cross-browser compability Unlimited number of locked content on same page dedicated support team
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    预览 jQuery Social Media Timeline 等待分享

    With Social Media Timeline you can have every network in one plugin! A must have plugin if you have multiple social networks! Compatible with facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest Changelog: Features: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Fully Responsive Beautifully organized Mobile...
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    预览 ViewBox Traffic - Lightbox Alternative 等待分享

    More likes = more traffic = more money The script is a complex jQuery LightBox Alternative with support for the most popular Social services – Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Get more traffic and more money with the ViewBox plugin. The social script is friendly for user, because you can set a...
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    预览 Facebook Comment Slider - jQuery Social FB Plugin 等待分享

    Facebook Comment Slider is all-in-one solution to display a Facebook Like Box, Comment Box and Fan Page Wall on your website via jQuery. Get the benefits of the conversations on Facebook! This fancy slider offer an opportunity for the users to leave comments about your website (or any...
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    预览 uLike - Ajax content like system 等待分享

    uLike is a simple and easy to install content like system. You can have a unique like button on each different content element on your page. Each like button is it’s own seperate identity and is stand alone from the others. The system is based on the content’s parent div, the ip of the user, and...
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    预览 Social Locker for jQuery 等待分享

    Latest update: 5 Mar 2016. Version: 2.0.5. Platform: for jQuery. Do you still place social buttons on every page of your website? But visitors don’t like/share your content as often as you would like? You should give people a reason why they need to click social buttons on your website. Even if...
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    预览 Like 2 Unlock for jQuery 等待分享

    Latest update: 21 May 2014. Version: 4.1.8. Platform: for jQuery. The Like 2 Unlock plugin for jQuery is a Like Button and content locker in one bottle, which allows you to lock specified content on a web page until a user clicks the Like Button and help you to get more likes, fans, traffic and...
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    预览 Facebook Like to Download jQuery 等待分享

    Facebook Like to Download for jQuery allows you to turn the Like Button into a social media traffic blasting download button. This unique plugin and idea is an all new way to give your users their content, and increase your social traffic ten fold. More Likes = More Traffic = More $$$$$...
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    预览 Share+ : The most awesome way to share your site 等待分享

    Share+ is a very powerful & highly customisable social sharing jQuery plugin which creates a new social sharing experience for your site users. It comes with five pre made themes which allows for high customisability with the power of CSS. Replace the long list of unusable sharing buttons on...
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    预览 QuickPin Wall - Pinterest MultiColumn Gallery 等待分享

    Our Virtual Private Server is experiencing problems and none of our demo’s are available at this time – Please be patient and check back in a day or two. We hopefully will have this resolved soon. Thank You, -Nolan Create a Multi-Column Image Gallery with QuickPin Dynamically Generated Pinterest...
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    预览 Prestashop Facebook Like Voucher 等待分享

    Increase facebook likes with this module Changelog Version 1.1.0 - Fixed bug with the Facebook App ID - Added PrestaShop 1.6 support Version 1.0.1 - Bug Fixed Version 1.0.0 - Inital Release.

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