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    User Licensing tools 1.0

    这个包的用户许可工具的目的是保护产品,结合产品的hardwareid采用基于RSA密钥许可证 包裹包括: -在应用程序代码(游戏)中嵌入许可证检查的示例 -许可证生成接口 网站 This package 'User Licensing tools' is designed to protect products by binding the product to the hardwareID by using licenses based on RSA keys The package is include: - An example of embedding a license...
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    预览 PHPMyLicense 等待分享

    PHP My License v3.1 Advanced License Manager for PHP Scripts If you want access to our Git Repository, and have access to always updated code, click here and request your Git Access. If you are interested in the PHPMyLicense Frontend, get in touch via email: The...
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    预览 Support Forum with Envato License API 等待分享

    PHP FORUM SCRIPT BUYERS ONLY FORUM Protect your Support Forum from users without a (specified) purchased product from your ENVATO (Codecanyon / Themeforest) Account. Give it a try! Right now! WHAT’S NEW? This is a plugin for the esoTalk Fat-free forum software. Please ensure you have...
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    预览 Algoritore - Code and Keygen Generator 等待分享

    Generate random and unique strings. Features Fully customizable character pool and string length Powerful String Processor System Extendable! Prefixing, Suffixing, Hypenation and much! Overview This is a really light-weight, but powerful package. The default generated string/code/keygen...

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