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    预览 Inspire - Dribbble, Forrst, and Behance Board 等待分享

    Inspire is a curated web app of designs, illustrations, art, and creative images. The images and designs are pulled from popular networks such as dribbble, forrst, and behance. Demo Login: URL: Inpsire | Get Inspired Username: demo Password: demo Features: Customize with your own color...
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    预览 Laravel CMS - CRUD Builder - Administrator 等待分享

    NewVersion Based on Laravel 5.1 is available Now Visit & Buy New Sximo 5.1 Next update Release Candidate for sximo 3.2 - Restricted & Allowed IP Address - Multilange title and slug for PageCMS - Metakey & MetaDesc for each static pages - Upload Backend Logo Create Awesome &...
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    预览 Classic Invoicer 2 等待分享

    Built With What our Buyers say Introduction Classic Invoicer is a web-based invoicing and client management system implemented using Laravel 5 framework. It uses JQuery and MYSQL database. Classic Invoicer system will give you the opportunity to create custom invoices and send them to your...
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    预览 ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script 等待分享

    User Profile Features Unique Username: Each user has unique username Unique Profile: link: Unique profile link with there username Image Gallery: Gallery of all the images shared by a user Favorites: Gallery of all the favorited images Most used tags: Profile page display most used...
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    预览 Contactr - Contact Relationship Management tool 等待分享

    Contactr Contact/Customer Relationship Management – CRM The live demo uses “root” for both username and password. The database is reset to its default state every hour. Built with Laravel 4 this CRM allows you to add companies and your contacts within those companies to easily manage your...

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