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    Manipulatr 1.2

    manipulatr manipulatr是一个脚本,让你的游戏对象的麦克风输入或音乐的反应。一个很好的一个节奏游戏的起点,所以如果你一直想做一个,看看不超过这个包,让自己开始! Manipulatr Manipulatr is a collection of scripts that help you to make your gameobjects react to microphone input or music. A good starting point for a rhythm game, so if you have always wanted to make one...
  2. UnityStore

    iOS Keychain 1.0.1

    简单的插件访问iOS设备上的钥匙扣。这可用于存储帐户的详细资料,如用户名和密码或一个球员的标识符,将坚持即使应用程序卸载。 Simple plugin to access keychain on iOS devices. This can be used for storing account details such as username and password or a player identifier that will persist even if the app is uninstalled.
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