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    Unity Internal Icons 1.1

    一个简单的辅助窗口预览统一内置图标。让您双击一个图标名称,将其复制到剪贴板。可以使用iconcontent() editorguiutility。 非常有用的时候,寻找完美的图标添加到您的扩展。 特征 -优化的用户界面和快速滚动。 -双击复制到剪贴板。 只显示内置的纹理。 一致的布局有助于方便地找到完美的图标。 A simple helper window to preview Unity builtin icons. Lets you double click on an icon name to copy it to your clipboard. Ready to use...
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    预览 Login/Register script - Internal Messaging 等待分享

    Login/Register script with internal messaging system (Light, Dark and Gray themes) It is made to be simple and beautiful. It’s equipped with Admin Panel where you can manipulate with your users, send or receive messages, delete unwanted messages, change admin password and change theme for login...

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