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    预览 Wizard Pro 等待分享

    Follow me Changelog August 2, 2011 – Updated Wizard Pro to with the latest version of jQuery / Updated 3rd party plugins About WizardPro WizardPro allows you to create website wizards in just a few minutes. You can use this plugin for almost anything that requires a few steps, like a...
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    预览 Pricing Table Creator 等待分享

    Build your pricing table without html or css knowledge. Including install file with 4 step process. This tool is for personal usage. Features Easy installer yes/no icons Starting Internet Explorer 5.5 6 colors up to 6 columns and 99 rows Available colors ChangeLog 12.08.2011 // Small css...
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    预览 Laravel 4.2 Installer - Installation Script 等待分享

    Laravel 4.2 Installer is the perfect solution to install Laravel application, with this “tool” you don’t need to worry about spending extra time on coding and perfecting user friendly installation wizard so you can focus more on your product than anything else. Laravel 4.2 Installer does not...
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    预览 Ron Burgundy 等待分享

    About Ron Burgundy is a Software Installation system that can be easily integrated into your new or existing projects. The software presents an intuitive, point-and-click user interface that makes installing your software quick & efficient. Demo Ron Burgundy — Demo Features AJAX...
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    预览 Media Manager for CodeIgniter 等待分享

    Media Manager for CodeIgniter is ready to use file manager script for your CodeIgniter projects. This script currently provides admin features. Frontend features will be provided in future releases. Features Shows folder structure in tree form of uploaded media. Create/Delete files or folders...
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    预览 Installer - Responsive PHP Based Installation Wizard 等待分享

    Installer is an application extension that allows you to inject database connection into your web application. Installer includes Bootstrap Framework that will allow you to have responsive capability. Use PDO connection for security purposes, very easy to integrate with your application header...
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    预览 textLocker - Note Storage Service 等待分享

    Urgent Notice: We are in the process of transferring one of our domains. Till this is complete, please use our alternative email,, for support and general information. textLocker is a simple and fun way to share notes with your friends or family which expire after a certain...
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    预览 Requir Class 等待分享

    Requir Class is a script/installation requirements tester. You can test everything which one return true or false. You can make your own rules. Other Items
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    预览 Muph - The Complete Web App Installer & Wizard 等待分享

    DESCRIPTION With MUPH Setup Wizard you can improve your own project with a powerful setup system. It is fully customizable and you can have an installer for your modern web application ready in less than one minute. Demo info You can go on with all the muph installation steps because there...

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