1. UnityStore

    Instagram API 1.0

    特别介绍价格很快结束! 一个完整的Instagram的API整合。它实现了所有端点可用使用客户端(隐式)认证。 在线文档|论坛主题 网上的例子 支持的平台 ★安卓支持。没有unityplayeractivity继承(没有其他第三方插件兼容性问题)。 ★网间网操作系统支持。 ★WebGL支持(GET请求默认情况下,系统可以workarounded \/ JSONP的局限而用一个简单的PHP脚本,它包括代理支持后\/删除通话)。 ★窗口\/支持。使用uwebkit(所以它需要它)。 特征 ★全面向对象的(你不反序列化的东西,它已经完成了它为你)。 ★文档可用。...
  2. UnityStore

    Instagram image transfer iOS/Android 1.2

    Instagram图像传输的iOS \/ Android ======================= 传递一个Texture2D在同一装置Instagram的应用。 你可以比你的Instagram账户后的图像。 简单的脚本。 postprocessbuildplayer脚本为iOS和Adroid定制罐。 Instagram image transfer iOS/Android ======================= Transfer a Texture2D to the Instagram app on the same device. You can...
  3. UnityStore

    Instagram Sharing Plugin 1.0.2

    这个包可以帮助你捕捉和分享您的照片,在一个单一的点击统一建立任何iOS应用程序。 易于集成和使用。 This package helps you to capture and share your photos inside any iOS apps build in Unity with a single click. Easy to integrate and use.
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    预览 Nanopress - Responsive Personal Blog 等待分享

    Nanopress is a Premium Personal Blog site template that clean design and fully responsive layout. This theme is useful with many homepage style, slider style and much more! More advance features with WordPress version Features Responsive Design Mobile menu Google font Unlimited Color...
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    预览 Blogster :: A Responsive Personal HTML Blog Theme 等待分享

    Blogster is a simple, clean, personal, modern blog designed to be a “readers” blog! Hover over any of the images and it will reveal a color photo of any given category image. Intrigue your users with a totally unique way of blogging and a magazine type interface to keep users engaged. The site...
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    预览 Lily - Elegant Blog HTML Template 等待分享

    Lily is an Elegant Blog HTML Template that gives you perfect blogging experience. Your writing will become more attractive to your visitors of its subtle design. The combination between the trendy colors and clear layout will make your blog look more eye-catching and user friendly. Some nice...
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    预览 Revalia - A Responsive Personal HTML Blog Theme 等待分享

    Revalia is a HTML5 Blog Theme in Elegant and clean Design. It is perfect for any personal blog. It follows the trendy design with a combination of pure elegance. It was designed by our small team of talented designers with passion Template Features 18 HTML Files Fully responsive Font Awesome...
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    预览 Lilac- Responsive One-page HTML5 Wedding Template 等待分享

    About Lilac HTML5 Template Lilac it’s a beautiful and elegant one-page HTML5 Template, designed and developed for couples who want to create their own wedding website. This template is, without a doubt, a creative way to invite your friends and family to your wedding and to let them know all...
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    预览 NRGblog - Your Powerful Blog Template 等待分享

    Nowadays it’s really important for your blog to be enjoyable to readers and readable by search engines. Readers must have the possibility read with pleasure and to navigate easily through the website. While search engines have to make sure your code validates and it’s bug free. That’s why we at...
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    预览 Vogue - A Fashion Blog HTML Template 等待分享

    Vogue is a fashion blog carefully crafted with style publishers in mind! You don’t need to be an programmer to set up and run a successful blog. Inspired by the fashion industry Vogue template comes with all the features you need to show off your content in an engaging and appealing way. Vogue...
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    预览 Schema Elegant HTML Blog Template 等待分享

    Schema WordPress Theme Available Only For $39 Schema Elegant Blog is a new beautiful blog Food, Travel & Fashion template. Easy color change, 4 different header style, 3 different footer style, Organized HTML & CSS code is the key features of Schema. It has tons of blog layout variatioins and...
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    预览 Francoise - Blog HTML Template 等待分享

    Francoise is beautiful and clean blog HTML template for people who tell stories. Francoise template was designed with great attention to details. You can choose from 6 homepage layouts and find the best one to share your stories. If you like Francoise HTML template, please don’t forget rate it...
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    预览 TheShots - Responsive Image Listing Template 等待分享

    TheShots is a powerful, responsive, and high-performance image listing template. It’s based on Bootstrap and contains a lot of components to easily make an image listing website. Features list HTML5 & CSS3 Built with Bootstrap 3.3 SASS files included Grunt Tasks Responsive design Well...
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    预览 Silverlight - Responsive Masonry HTML Template 等待分享

    Description Silverlight is a clean responsive masonry HTML template. Features Responsive Layout Infinite Scrolling Owl Carousel Sliders 4 Social APIs Instagram, Dribbble, Flickr, and Pinterest Different Post Sizes Social Media Buttons Disqus Comments
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    预览 NUNU :: Personal Blog 等待分享

    NuNu is a light, bright & unique minimalist blog template, tailored to showcase your content in an snappy easy to navigate interface that engages the user. Boasting new features such as a side tab Instagram area that allows users to interact with the latest Instagram pictures without having to...
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    预览 Glimmer - A Responsive HTML Blog Theme 等待分享

    Glimmer is clean content focus Blogging Theme. It supports 10 type of post format. It is simple and elegant. Glimmer is suitable for any kind of personal, travel, hobby, life style and tutorial blog etc. It’s code structure make this template very easy. All required information’s are provided in...
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    预览 Flatness - Personal HTML Blog Template 等待分享

    The template is designed for a personal blog, but that its features are not limited on this. Use the masonry gallery with mobile-friendly lightbox (PhotoSwipe). Use one page template with parallax backgrounds, carousels, features, skills, etc. Use a working contact form with AJAX. Many layouts...
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    预览 Libra - Personal Blog HTML Template 等待分享

    Libra is a personal blog HTML template, using most popular design trends as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. The template has three styles of homepage and category layout (standard, blog list and masonry grid style) included fullwidth pages, also has many post type pages as standard post, post with...
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    预览 Unica Personal One-page HTML5 Template 等待分享

    Unica is one-page HTML5 template. Carefully handcrafted to introduce yourself or your agency. It has creative view, bold design and looks perfect on all devices. All code are well organized and commented that allows you to make changes without any problems. Features Responsive Layout Easy to...
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    预览 Epilog - A HTML Blogging Template 等待分享

    Nowadays it’s really important for your blog to be enjoyable to readers and readable by search engines. Readers must have the possibility read with pleasure and to navigate easily through the website. While search engines have to make sure your code validates and it’s bug free. That’s why we at...

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