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    Images uploader 1.21

    统一和统一亲和兼容! 只有iOS、Mac兼容,Android和Windows! 不支持其他平台! 上传任何图像或截图的免费图像托管和获得一个链接到一个图像在一个步骤! -易于集成 -易于安装 -异步上传回调和oncomplete事件 -作品Wi-Fi,3G -快速和响应的支持。我们提供一个免费支持Skype会话当然,如果有需要的话。 检查官方视频: Vimeo YouTube 联系我们: 电子邮件 Unity and Unity Pro compatible! COMPATIBLE ONLY WITH iOS, MAC, ANDROID AND...
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    2D Weapon Images 1.0

    这个软件包包括一组25种不同的武器,准备在你的项目中使用。 包括8个轴和8个矛和9个剑。 This package includes a set of 25 different weapons all ready to be used in your projects. Included 8 axes and 8 spears and 9 swords.
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    2D Helmet Images 1.0

    这个软件包包括一组10个不同的和4个图案的彩色头盔都准备好用在你的项目中。 This package includes a set of 10 different and 4 pattern color helmets all ready to be used in your projects.
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    HD Puzzle Images Kit 1

    有了这个工具包,你有什么你需要做一个益智游戏。 此套件包括: —背景(2000 x 2000像素):PSD PNG格式。 —高清益智游戏套件PSD PNG格式。 spritesheet:2160 x 3227像素。 3个按钮有3个状态(静态,悬停,活动) 口粮 5种力量:66x72 PX 7宝石:134x134 PX 定时器 -例如图像(你可以做的高清拼图游戏套件)。 With this kit you have what you need to make a puzzle game. This kit include: -Background (2000 x 2000...
  5. UnityStore

    Skull Images 1.01

    这是一个有一些骷髅纹理的包。你可以创造一些头骨的效果。 This is a package which has some skull textures. You can create some skull effects.
  6. UnityStore

    Code-BG Images 1.25

    包中有40个纹理。你可以用它们来创建二维游戏的背景。 There are 40 textures in the package. You can use them to create backgrounds for 2D games.
  7. UnityStore

    Frames, Images and Paintings Pack 1.0

    框架,图像和绘画包 结合16种不同的图像,绘画或照片有20个不同的木框架。你可以决定一个现实的或卡通看。你甚至可以影响的画布的结构与特殊的凹凸贴图,让他们的年龄或给他们一个粗略的外观(见截图提供)。有了这个纹理集,你可以实现大量的不同的组合。的紫外线布局图应该使它很容易使用自己的图像。 这是你得到的: 16图像的纹理(1024×1024,现实和卡通) 一个很好的绘画结构- 5种不同的法线贴图 20框架结构(1024×1024,现实和卡通) -所有的框架都有自己的法线贴图 -所有的紫外线布局,以帮助您创建新的纹理 3三维模型(16:9和4:3或1:1)在一个平坦的风格...
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    预览 Kupon - Clear, Professional Coupon Template 等待分享

    Kupon – is creative template for coupon selling websites. Unique and simple. Ultra responsive with user friendly responsive navigation. With huge amount of features you can make it as unique as you want. Main features 16 color schemes Images included 51 HTML templates 15 Home Page layouts 9...
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    预览 PicStock- Ultra Advanced Stock Media HTML Template 等待分享

    Online picture selling is one of the most flourishing as well as promising industries over the web with very bright future prospects. In this connection, the number of such online businesses is growing day by day. There are countless people, like professional photographers, who have lots of...
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    预览 iPictures HTML Responsive Stock Image Website 等待分享

    iPictures HTML version is perfect for your Stock image website. It also can be used for wallpaper website. Features Fully Responsive Bootstrap Framework HTML5 and CSS3 Retina Ready Icons Help Documents Included Google Web Font Used Major Browser Compatibility IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari...
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    预览 Impressions - HTML version 等待分享

    Updated : added new CSS fiels for each color and new images for each color option Impressions is a stylish portfolio styled wordpress theme that offers a simple interface combined with slick styling. It features 2 different portfolio display options (1 on the home page ,2nd in the portfolio...
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    预览 Paperback - Magazine WordPress Theme 等待分享

    Paperback enables you to effortlessly publish beautiful, engaging content. Paperback is a magazine-style theme that empowers you to quickly and easily create beautiful, immersive content with images, galleries, video, audio and more. With multiple homepage templates, several slick content...
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    预览 GalleryGen - Image Gallery HTML Code Generator 等待分享

    See this video preview to get a better idea of how it works Every web developer has to deal with image galleries. This involves looking up a bunch of images, get their path and names, and then put them in a standard HTML layout, and also include captions and titles for the images. This process...
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    预览 jQuery Images Effects Plugin 等待分享

    A jQuery plugin for applying effects on an image using HTML5 canvas element. 25 effects including : black and white, vintage effects, blend modes, instagram filters
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    预览 Captions 等待分享

    Captions gives your images (and videos) a HTML5 caption with a smooth CSS3 effect. Features Effects and variations It’s your choice with 3 effects making 14 different variations: Push Left Right Top Bottom Top + left Top + right Bottom + left Bottom + right Appear Left Right Top Bottom...
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    预览 HTML5 AJAX Multi uploader 等待分享

    Best review of functions of HTML5 AJAX multiuploader give you watching this short sceencast. HTML5 AJAX multiuploader bring comfort of Flash uploaders by using pure HTML & Javascript. It is mainly intended as comfort tool for uploading of multiple images in one shot. With moder browser you can...
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    预览 Custom cells and random images 等待分享

    - iOS 6, iOS 6.1 - works with Xcode 4.6 - support retina display - optimized for iPhone 5 - fast customization - detailed documentation - navigation controller, custom cells, modal views, scrollbar, image share - PSD files included - work offline - code already submitted to AppStore - complete...
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    预览 UNIVERSAL Android App - for WoWonder, PhpDolphin, Sngine, SocialKit 等待分享

    This APP is for ALL Social Networking Platform Example: SocialKit, PHPDolphin, SocEuro, Sngine, WoWonder, and many others….. This app is also compatible with any website or CMS Upload Images from WEBVIEW ( only from Android 2.1 to Android 6.0 ) Upload images from the device in the Chat...
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    预览 Personal MicroBlog 等待分享

    Personal MicroBlog – multipurpose application with which you can create your personal microblog, microblog for their company or organization. MicroBlog also can be used for posting your photos, news. In their posts, you can use hashtags, which makes navigation and search the app is great. By...
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    预览 Meme Creators Android Template 等待分享

    Meme Creators Android Template : - lets make funny images with this template. Features : - category wise images to create memes. - choose picture from camera gallery - Clean and attractive UI - Landscape / potait mode - compatible with phone tablate - Easy to customize. - Admob banner and...

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