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    预览 Architect Lite - HTML Builder (Front-End Version) 等待分享

    Architect Lite is a javascript application that allows users to build custom HTML designs via drag and drop with no coding knowledge. It is perfect for bundling with your template on themeforest or integrating into your existing projects. Features Flexible Elements System – – use one of over...
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    预览 TinyMCE4 Album Image Manager 等待分享

    This is a TinyMCE4 album & image manager plugin. It makes it easier to manage images(group by album and user) in tinymce. It needs a server with PHP & mysql. Features: Multiple Images Insert: You can select many images into editor at once. And you can edit each image’s attributes(such as...
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    预览 TinyMCE 4 Image Manager 等待分享

    This is a TinyMCE plugin that replaces the default one that comes with the editor and makes that editor more useful in CSMs by adding features to it. It makes it easier to added images when using the popular wysiwyg editor. This plugin only works with the updated and stylish TinyMCE 4 versions...
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    预览 Drag & drop web page html content builder 等待分享

    HtmlEditor is a drag & drop web page builder in only 286kb (based on boostrap) script in javascript Jquery and php built for developer . You can simply integrate this script in your web project and create custom html template with drag & drop. Which kind of block can you add and edit? Server...
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    预览 Edit Database Field PRO (Wordpress Library) 等待分享

    Help to build wordpress plugins and editable wordpress themes Edit Database Field PRO WL is a wordpress library which help you to display the field you want from database and you can edit it with Ajax ( without reloading page ).The Field can be edit in different types : text , textarea, select...

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