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    预览 HTML5 Cloud Dashboard Designer (uses Highcharts, Leaflet.JS, DataTables JS) 等待分享

    WHAT IS HTML5 CLOUD DASHBOARD DESIGNER? HTML5 Cloud Dashboard Designer, provides an easy to use, drag and drop user interface that allows non-programmers (and programmers alike) to build sophisticated dashboards (think dashboards you see in your favorite sci fi/action hero/spy movies) in...
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    预览 PHP Dashboard Skin (San Francisco Nights) 等待分享

    Transform your PHP Dashboard to the look and feel of cool San Francisco Nights. To use, unzip the contents of this file, into your PHP Dashboard skins folder and select this skin from the Settings Panel. NOTE: To use this skin, you will need to purchase PHP Dashboard scirpt (see PHP Scripts –...
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    预览 PHP Dashboard for Mobile Devices (v3) 等待分享

    PHP Dashboard for Mobile Devices (version 3) is a very easy to use script that creates beautiful dashboards (Highcharts and Highmaps charts) using jQuery mobile framework. THE LIVE PREVIEW FOR THIS SCRIPT IS BEST VIEWED ON A MOBILE DEVICE – TABLET OR MOBILE PHONE. Like version 2 of the PHP...
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    预览 PHP Dashboard NEW v2.9 - Carousels / MySQL / D3js / Highcharts / RSS / jHere / DataTables 等待分享

    WHAT’S NEW IN VERSION 2.9 (6/7/2015)? – MORE D3js! Create PHP dashboards displaying D3 Sunburst charts, D3 Word Clouds, D3 Codeflowers, D3 Collapsible Trees, D3 Collapsible Radial Trees controlled as usual by a single PHP / JSON string . Check it out by clicking on new Live Preview. Enjoy...
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    预览 PHP Dashboard - NEW Version 1.2 等待分享

    WHAT’S NEW WITH VERSION 1.2. – Dashboard Skin Library – Script now includes many excellent examples of how PHP Dashboard theming can produce amazing dashboards. The following new skins available: Default (as loaded), Sushi, Wall Street, Real Estate, San Francisco, Football, Shoes, Tacos...

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