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    预览 Notebook - Virtual Business Card 等待分享

    Notebook is a professional one-page virtual business card. It’s perfect for showcasing yourself and your skills in a small but yet effective format. The template is cross-browser-friendly and uses the power of the HTML5 boilerplate. The code is well structured with comments and it comes with a...
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    预览 jQuery Handwriting 等待分享

    DEMO || DOCUMENTATION Description This is a javascript based tool that uses the canvas object to draw symbols. Each symbol is defined using multiple curves and each curve consists of start, end and control point. The tool comes with two sets of curves with limited number of symbols, but more...
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    预览 Handwriting Animated Text - SVG & Responsive 等待分享

    SVG handwriting font plugin. Create animated string from any svg font file. Compatible with any browser, including Internet Explorer Use your own font file. Any font can be used Publish your animation anywhere with a few lines of PHP code. Using presets. Filled or outlined mode. View example 1...

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