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    2D Group Formation Movement 1.0

    该项目包含有4种类型的单元组移动脚本。 The project contains scripts for movement of unit group with 4 types of formation.
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    Radial Layout Group 1.0

    轻松安排UI元素径向。 偏移量,半径,角度-所有设置在督察。 也可以安排元素在任何角度的弧。 Easily arrange UI elements radially. Offset, radius, angle - all is set in inspector. Also allows to arrange elements in an arc of any angle.
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    TableLayout: Advanced Layout Group for UnityUI 1.02

    表格布局是一种先进的布局系统由HTML表格。 特征: ▶容易阵容元素使用的行和列的找专业的形式和用户界面 ▶显示数据如排行榜等在一个明确和易于阅读的时尚表 ▶无需编程(但你可以创建\/修改表的代码,如果你想) ▶轻松地添加和删除行\/细胞,甚至是在运行时 WebGL演示 文档 请注意:表格布局包括xmllayout如果你已经拥有XmlLayout,无需另行购买TableLayout。 TableLayout is an advanced Layout Group system inspired by HTML tables. Features: ▶ Easily...
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    Character Sprite Bundle 1 - Death Group 1.0

    冒险游戏,动作游戏,RPG和更多。 精灵做游戏,高分辨率。 这个捆绑包括: 角色精灵:骷髅(7个动画) 角色精灵:骷髅法师(9动画) 角色精灵:骷髅战士(7动画) 角色精灵:Zombie(7个动画) 角色精灵:僵尸2(7动画) 完全可编辑的–易于修改–高分辨率 For Adventure games, platformers, RPG and more. Sprites for make videogames, hight resolution. This bundle include: -Character Sprite: Skeleton (7 animations)...
  5. UnityStore

    Total Textures V04:R2 First Group 3.0

    总的纹理:“人类与–V04 R2生物”包括272个材料,包括938个人的地图,包括颜色,凹凸,高光和α。 我们还包括一些纹理的36个PSD文件,允许你自定义现有的纹理和创造自己的一些新的。 Total Textures V04:R2 – "Humans & Creatures" consists of 272 materials, comprised of 938 individual maps including colour, bump, specular and alpha. We have also included 36 PSD files for some of the...
  6. UnityStore

    Group Pausing Kit: Pause Controller 1.03

    暂停时间= 0并不是一个真正的停顿的解决方案。 暂停控制器在您的项目内集成在一分钟内。它可以暂停整个场景或只是组的对象,而不改变一行代码。 它有工具,检测输入的变化,以及激活GUI(对象)系统。它甚至可以为你做一个暂停的图形用户界面!无需编码。 使用GUI转换Δtime和动画。 这是中场兼容和友好的GUI系统(NGUI,IGUI为例)。 那么为什么时间尺度= 0吸? 因为时间刻度= 0不会暂停你的游戏。它只是停止运动,而不是游戏逻辑。 它的充分的局限和问题;导致在以后的发展的一个专业的外观和虫子。 让我们停止疯狂在一起,得到暂停控制器今天! 获取视频和新闻更新在这里...
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    预览 Idea | Multipurpose Html Template 等待分享

    Bringing your Ideas to Live. Give a new image to your company. Idea is a Multipurpose, Clean & Modern Html Template. Perfect for any business and company. Based on Twitter Bootstrap 3 Css3 & Html5 5 Fully layered PSD files included Ultra Responsive & Retina ready Super Easy to modify Code...
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    预览 Event & Conference - HTML5 Ad Template 等待分享

    Event & Conference – HTML5 Ad Banners designed with Google Web Designer. And provided 7 popular used sizes in the market. * Help File Included* SIZES 1. 300X600 2. 300X250 3. 728X90 4. 160X600 5. 180×150 6. 320×50 7. 336×280 FEATURES 1. Google Web Fonts. 2. Fully Editable. 3. Infinite...
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    预览 iOS Contacts Manager 等待分享

    Have you ever find an easy way to transfer you iOS contacts to other platforms or backed up properly? This iOS contacts app will help you to manage, backup and restore your contacts in the easy way. Allows you to quickly make a call or send a message in a single swipe. It also allows you to...
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    预览 Chat App Messenger Template (iOS) 等待分享

    The new Messenger App Template is an iOS App Template of a Chat App. It is written in Objective-C and very easy to customise, publish to the App Store or build in to your existing project. • Login with Facebook or your email address • Send private messages or take part of group chats • Set your...
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    预览 Musician - A Music Band Android App 等待分享

    Have a band? This is the Perfect Android App for your group. All content in the App is managed via an Admin page that you can access via your Internet Browser. Running on an Android Platform, this App connects to the Admin page and loads all data for your fans. The App can also work without an...
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    预览 jQuery SortSelect - group & order select options 等待分享

    jQuery SortSelect plugin will help you make your select fields more user friendly when you have a lot of options. Works great with options like cities, countries and many more. Please visit the Live Preview to see the effect. Features Software Version: jQuery 1.4.3 and older, jQuery Easing...
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    预览 Statistical Map SVG 等待分享

    StatMapSVG is a jQuery plugin to display statistical data in the form of a map such as the number of people in each area, the location and distribution of data, grouping data based on the value of a specified interval, and others. StatMapSVG takes map files in SVG format and makes them...
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    预览 Edit Post and More Features for SocialKit 等待分享

    This is a most awaited plugin for SocialKit which enables you to edit the post. Along with that, you can add location and your current music status. A new update has been released with additional two features. Delete page feature Delete Group feature
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    预览 Group Delete For Socialkit 等待分享

    Group delete lets you erase your group you own and remove all your information together with other factors such as facebook. Add-on Feature? Group account delete Two step for delete Group Removing comments Removing comment likes Removing notifications Removing group admins Removing posts...
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    预览 CIFullCalendar v3 等待分享

    CIFullCalendar is a server-side dynamic web application that is responsive to any layout of a viewing screen. The “Super Saiyan Fusion” power of CIFullCalendar allows users to organize, plan and share events to everyone. Simply, install it to your server and become a member then use the...
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    预览 Pinboard - Simple To-Do List Application 等待分享

    What can you do with Pinboard Main purpose of Pinboard is to help you with organization of your daily life. So for example, in morning you need to buy groceries for breakfast, no problem. Create group Groceries, give it description ‘Groceries for breakfast’ and add couple of groceries like...

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