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    InGame Graphs 1.0

    使用此资产,您可以在播放模式下可视化图表上的某个变量。 这意味着监视变量,例如转换位置x是如何随时间变化的。 这并不是要绘制函数。 要开始,你所要做的就是在场景中添加一个图形,然后调用addpoint()里面的功能fixedupdate()。 有几个东西你可以控制在每一个图形: •线条:总共可以看到多少行; y限制:图形的底部和顶部限制; •时间间隔:在图形中显示多少时间; 刻度标记步骤:在y轴上看到标记的步骤。 •轴x:x轴可见吗?; y轴:Y轴可见吗?; •labelsscale:x和y轴的标签秤; •标签X:什么是显示在X轴; •标签Y:Y轴显示什么?;...
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    Debug Graphs 1.0

    debuggraphs是调试助手绘制和数据可视化。 特征: *图图例 *从代码和编辑器中添加图表 *可定制的图形数、颜色、签名 *可扩展的网格 与控制系统和自由兼容 - 2演示场景包括 -包括完整源代码 DebugGraphs is a debugging assistant for plotting and data visualization. Features: * Graphs legend * Adding graphs from code & editor * Customisable graphs count, colors, signatures *...
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    Easy Console, Graphs and Bounds 1.1

    这个软件包有3个主要特点: 控制台: 控制台会自动查找已标记为使用的项目中的所有类的所有方法。 这意味着你永远不需要接触控制台类。 控制台可以采取要么没有的方法,或一个无限数量的参数,这意味着它完全取决于你,它可以是多么强大。 现在完全工作在包装游戏! 图: 该图是易于使用,绘制一个调用,类似于其他的图形用户界面元素。 你有两个选择: 可以基于实体或点的自动更新图形 可以自己更新的分割图表,每一个数据点包含一个值,一个名称和一个颜色。 这可能是用来作为一个特定的攻击你所做的伤害。 类似于《魔兽世界》中的“叙事”...
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    Pariah for small graphs 1.1

    贱民是一个信誉系统,计算在社交网络中传递的信任和不信任的关系表示为一个符号,有向图。 贱民可以用来模拟现实的社会行为当中,成群的NPC,帮助用户做出明智的决定,谁会相信在一个复杂的网络联盟。 这个版本被限制为二十个不同的实体或更少的社交网络组成和计算时只考虑路径的声誉通过长四跳以内的图。 对贱民的设计可找到更多信息在这里。 Pariah is a reputation system that calculates transitive trust and distrust relationships in a social network represented as a...
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    预览 Clarity 2.0 - Responsive Web App Admin Template 等待分享

    Clarity is a complete web application layout & theme toolkit. This web app template can be used for backend admin templates, and is flexible enough for multiple types of webapps: Analytics Apps, Project Management Apps, Social Apps and more. March 7th 2014 – Update: Clarity 2.0 is out now...
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    预览 Administry Admin Template 等待分享

    “Administry” is a complete solution control panel template. It is best for content management systems, website backends or as a standalone skin for a web application. Features Fully HTML5+CSS3 compliant Crossbrowser compatible jQuery WYSIWYG editor Sortable datatables Tab-based navigation...
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    预览 Animated Graph 等待分享

    Now integrate Animated graph in your webapp or website.You can use this graphs in any technology its developed using Angular js,D3 frame work and HTML5. So you get use in PHP,, mobile application cross platform or java anywhere Features Generate random color graph every-time Use in any...
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    预览 Charts 等待分享

    Easily create beautiful and interactive charts! Easily customise a styling to match your website design! Main features: Using Chart.js (Chart.js | Open source HTML5 Charts for your website) Select from 6 different charts (Pie, Doughnut, Line, Bar, Radar and Polar Area) Data can be uploaded from...
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    预览 Grafikon 等待分享

    Grafikon is a JQuery Chart Plugin, that gives you the possibility to create your own unique chart with full customization. At present, there are six main modes: evaluation, pyramid, line, pie, doughnut and progress. Grafikon is easy to use and it is fully customizable – colors, sections, levels...
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    预览 GraphUp - jQuery Plugin 等待分享

    LIVE PREVIEW — DEMO 1 — DEMO 2 — DEMO 3 GraphUp is a very flexible and lightweight jQuery (v1.8+) plugin to spice up your data tables. It visualizes the values using color, bar charts and bubbles. Many options — Pick a data cleaner and a painter: fill, bars, bubbles; configurable decimal point...
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    预览 Google Charts for Javascript 等待分享

    This is a pure stand-alone javascript version of the Google Charts plugin, you build an HTML table and point the plugin at it and it creates the chart for you. You can see the PHP version here: Google Charts Plugin - PHP Scripts | CodeCanyon Note: This component does not require a library.
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    预览 CSS Graph Box 等待分享

    Description CSS Graph Box is a CSS-based graph component with distinctive and clean style. You can use CSS Graph Box as conventional graph or a progress bar. If you like, please rate it Features 10 preset colors (gradients) CSS show effect Hover effect Icon support (no images required) The...
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    预览 CSS3 Bar Graphs 等待分享

    Latest Version: 06.05.2011 – v1.1. Check the changelog CSS3 Bar Graphs is a set of Bar Graphs based on pure CSS3 that comes with a clean 3D style. You can easily visualize data without having to use JavaScript, PHP or even images. This set comes with 9 predefined graph examples including single...
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    预览 TinyMTR - Simple Server Monitoring 等待分享

    Main Features Monitor multiple servers Automated web installer Allow users to sign up Ping from multiple countries Add an exernal file for advanced details SMS & Email alerts available Beautiful charts Mobile friendly layout Monitor memory, load and disk space View all users that have signed...

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