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    Free Gift Timer 1.0.2

    期刊吸引玩家免费的礼物升压保留率! 这个包让你很容易添加倒计时定时器与几行代码。 #特征 *简单,使用方便 *自动状态保存和恢复 *很难欺骗(因为现在的时间是从互联网获得) *无服务器要求 *在Android \/ iOS(也在Unity编辑器) API文档:https:\/\/\/4aukcu支持 Attract players with periodical Free Gift and boost retention rate! This package makes you easily add countdown timer...
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    Christmas Gift Box 1.0

    Santa来了!没有圣诞游戏和礼物会是什么样的圣诞节!? 用这些精美的礼品盒(包括圣诞球)来装饰你的游戏。 盒子来的顶部和弓可以分离。这也给了你机会使用它作为一个开放的盒子,以放置礼物\/对象内。 该框也可以很容易地被颜色不同,简单地改变其颜色值在材料管理器。 Santa is coming! What would Christmas be without Christmas games and presents!? Spice up your game with these elegant looking gift boxes (Christmas Balls...
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    Kupatka Zubarick weaponry #0: Kupatka's gift 1.0

    包包含5款车型: 斧头(552 -) 鞘(978 -) -刀(2102 -) Dagger(806 -) 剑(1635 -) 中世纪的武器包kupatka zubarick你可以下载kupatka zubarick武器# 1 -中世纪的伪造包kupatka zubarick你可以下载Kupatka Zubarick `作坊。锻造。 Package contains 5 models: - Axe (552 tris) - Sheath (978 tris) - Falchion (2102 tris) - Dagger (806 tris) - Sword (1635 tris)...
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    预览 BALANCED HTML || For SPA, Wellness & Beauty 等待分享

    Balanced is a hand crafted Beauty Salon Template for hair salons, wellness centre, yoga / meditation classes and all other health care businesses. The template is powered by latest bootstrap, google font, font awesome. Its also support all browser and Devices. Features: Latest Bootstrap Super...
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    预览 Tulip - Flower Shop & Gardening Service Website Template 等待分享

    Tulip – Flower Shop and Gardening Service Website Template is a template for flower shops, gardening services, decor, gift shops and other similar websites. It is a beautifully designed web template with highly niche-specific design that provides a unique user experience. This template is...
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    预览 MJ2V - Wedding Theme 等待分享

    MJ2v : Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Wedding Theme MJ2v is a HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap optimized responsive theme perfect for wedding themes. It’s also suitable for multi purposes such as blog, portfolio, photography. This is the second version of the theme. As a bonus, comes with multi page option and...
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    预览 Wedding Slide Responsive Wedding Invite Template 等待分享

    Wedding Slide Responsive Wedding Invite Template or Html Template. It’s clean and beautiful– everything you need for a nice wedding website. In this template there are 20 different vibrant colors to choose from. This has typical descriptive pages like Home, About Groom/Bride, Wedding...
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    预览 CouponDay - Clean and Premium Coupon Template 等待分享

    CouponDay is a clean and responsive HTML template for coupon selling websites. It allows you to store shopping coupons, promo codes, vouchers or discounts and more from different brands and companies. Unique and simple, fully responsive with user friendly responsive navigation, it promises to be...
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    预览 Couponize - Responsive Coupons and Promo Template 等待分享

    WordPress version available here CLICK About Couponize is a responsive HTML template which allows you to store coupons and promo codes from different brands and companies. It has 8 built-in pages, including blog, single post, coupons page, a page for individual companies, search results, no...
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    预览 Wedding vow - responsive HTML template 等待分享

    Wedding vow is a responsive single side HTML wedding template with 12-column grid based on Twitter Bootstrap framework. With its unique desing it’s a great way to show your friends the best day of your life. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Responsive web design (RWD)...
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    预览 ExMass - Responsive Holiday Coming Soon 等待分享

    If you enjoy this item, Don’t forget to rate Features: Animated Creative Simple Easy to use LESS css included Credits Vector designed by Freepik Animate.css Plax WOW jQuery Countdown plugin v1.0
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    预览 Wedding Event Invite HTML5 等待分享

    One page Wedding or Event Invite HTML5/CSS3 Template. Awesome titles with parallax background idea and 7 unique color options with well organized Layout will bring more happiness to your family! Features: 100% Responsive Sticky Navigation Sematic MarkupHTML5 CSS3 Compatible on all major...
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    预览 Styler Mega Shop - HTML Template 等待分享

    Styler Mega Shop is an e-Commerce HTML template for any kind of online shop / store to sell products. Its clean, modern and multipurpose design also suitable for any kind of online fashion shop. Key Features: 5 Home page variations Category Grid & List view Pages 1170 Responsive Grid Based...
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    预览 CoonCook - HTML Template for Online Store 等待分享

    Universal theme for online store, can be used to sell a wide range of goods. Light and clean design doesn’t distract buyers and makes browsing the site a lot easier. Theme Features Clean Ecommerce Template Unique & Moder Design All Shapes Are 100% Scalable 1170 Gs% 12 Column Fonts used in...
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    预览 Christmas Card Retro 等待分享

    Let’s celebrate Christmas as before. A Christmas card with colors and retro or vintage style. With a beautiful musical style and incredible effects, your friends and customers will feel back in time! You can see the animation on the tablet and phone, because the card was made with html5. Fully...
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    预览 Christmas Card Magic Lights 等待分享

    One of the best Christmas things are the beautiful bright lights! And now you can pass this feeling to their customers! Many light effects, in a beautiful and elegant Christmas card. There are 3 colors, blue, red and white. You can see the animation on the tablet and phone, because the card...
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    预览 Six Christmas Cards Bundle 等待分享

    In this incredible bundle contains 6 cards in htm5 with various effects and animations. But some cards have three different colors in total are 15 cards! Stylish, modern cards, perfect to honor many customers! Christmas Card Elegant Christmas Card Flat Elegant Christmas Card Flat...
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    预览 Christmas Card Gift for You 等待分享

    To end this incredible year, I brought this gift for you! A Christmas card is a cute, and when open will bring much joy! They are Christmas balls and stars exploding on the screen, in a beautiful animation, with 3 different colors. Especially the red, this very elegant! You can see the...
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    预览 Heart Card 等待分享

    This greeting Heart Card is a great way to congratulate loved person with Valentine day, wedding day or other memorable dates. Parameters which can be changed: color of heart/bear number of objects in heart/bear rotation speed of objects in heart/bear font greeting text melody
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    预览 Push Me Out - HTML5 Game 等待分享

    Push Me Out is a HTML5 game, a prize vending game machine where you have to move the push rod under the gift within limited time. The ZIP package contains the game with 768×1024 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To Play: 1. Insert coin to start game. 2...

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