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    Geolocation Lookup 1.0

    地理定位查找三个模块捆绑到一个包:GPS模块允许您查询您的GPS接收器,以显示您的实际位置。 作为备份解决方案地理定位查找为您提供访问谷歌反向地理编码API来进入你的只是万一你没有GPS当前地址-把你的坐标。专为移动使用,地理定位查找提供您自己的用户界面对话系统,方便使用和状态报告。 如果这还不够你地理定位查找可以下载当前位置的静态地图。你可以选择不同的地图提供商如谷歌地图和Bing,MapQuest觉察你需要从这些提供商的API密钥(免费的) 特征: GPS模块 反向地理编码模块 多功能静态地图模块 C #源代码 全记录 -不同的地图提供者 -放大和缩小地图...
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    Geolocation 1.1.0

    地理位置方便! 自动确定您的位置通过全球定位系统或IP地址 •作品所有平台!iOS、Android、PC、Mac和Web •包括236旗在2号决议 包含约250个国家的信息。 完整的演示场景包括!确定你的位置,显示你的国家,大陆和国旗,甚至在3D地球上放一个点!-单击“标记”键输入一个国家代码来选择不同的国家。 试试在网络播放器在这里 Geolocation made easy! • Automatically determines your location via GPS or IP-Address • Works on all platforms! - iOS...
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    MapNav - Geolocation Toolkit 1.3.4

    统一5准备! 视频 &nbsp |;手册 mapnav是一个统一的和强大的工具来开发基于位置的手机应用和游戏定位引擎,包括二维\/三维物体定位,全球定位系统导航在线地图。 在与包括预设和演示场景分钟开始,为移动设备建立你的项目,网络播放器或PC\/Mac。 特征 GPS导航(iOS \/ Android \/ WP8) 动态在线地图 -接触交互作用: 和中;缩放缩放到捏和拖动到锅;—新的 远程计算器;—新的 有效的和易于使用的二维\/三维内容定位工具(静态和动态对象) PC \/苹果\/网络的全球定位系统模拟器 开发者友好的自定义MapNav探长 -二维和三维相机的意见...
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    预览 QuickFinder - Directory & Listings Template (Multi-Industry) 等待分享

    QuickFinder is a Directory & Listing Template that is ideal for running any kind of yellow pages. What makes Quick Finder different from other directory templates is that it provides a wide range of listings layout from simple to very advanced boxes. This variation allows users to fill in all...
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    预览 Campaigns | Directory Listings Responsive HTML Tempalte 等待分享

    Are you looking for crowd-funding template? Are you looking for modern fundraising template for personal causes like politician, life events, and your favourite charity campaign or crowd-funding website then Campaign is the best choice to make it possible according to your requirement. By using...
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    预览 Globo - Directory & Listings HTML Template 等待分享

    Globo is our newest DIRECTORY Template. We created it according to our customer’s suggestions so it could provide the best experience for administrators, company owners and regular users. Credits: Please note that images are not...
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    预览 Red Stripe Responsive Parallax Event Site Template 等待分享

    Version 1.1 has released. Fixed minor chrome bug. Modern HTML5. Responsive. Designed for promotional purposes. You can use it for events but it also has features to function as a business portfolio site. This theme is easy to customize and maintain. This template has a unique mix of a 2...
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    预览 FlatRoom — Responsive Real Estate HTML Template 等待分享

    A Few words about “FlatRoom” A new project of “ItemBridge” company, a multifunctional WordPress theme «Flat Room», will effectively promote, sell and satisfy all the needs of potential buyers. Intuitive navigation, menu simplicity and accessibility, pages with additional information will allow...
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    预览 Metrodir - Directory & Listings HTML Template 等待分享

    The WordPress version is now available! MetroDir is a content driven Directory Portal that is ideal for listing any kind of entity or activity, whether it’s a restaurant, an event, a candidate, a vacancy or even a consortium of companies. In a directory, content is key, therefore we have...
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    预览 HTML5 Globe 等待分享

    HTML5 globe Interactive 3d globe
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    预览 HTML5 3D Geolocation 等待分享

    Updates September 2015: fixed bug (unsupported characters) Added a new feature: possibility of stop globe rotation on mouse over! Description It is not just a HTML5 geolocation! This is a powerful script that allows you to monitorate your visitors’ geolocation, thanks to php – javascript –...
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    预览 Earth Viewer - 3D Globe 等待分享

    3D interactive globe – no flash required IE 11 now supports EarthViewer Update – 26.06.13 The 3D globe – Earthviewer now uses latest version of THREE.js (57) Update – 15.06.13 The 3D globe now offers Better support for wgs84 coordinates 3D globe now has Added feature, autoRotate – makes...
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    预览 HTML5 Geolocation with Address decoding 等待分享

    HTML 5 Geolocation provides you a more robust solution for getting the User location. In addition to providing the coordinates of the user, this library also helps you with their Address & mapping their location with just a single line of code. This works by extending the HTML 5 supported...
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    预览 ColtBoy Map : Store finder with CloudKit 等待分享

    ColtBoy Map allows you to create a store finder app with CloudKit as a backend. All you need is an Apple developer account for both your iPhone client and your backend server, very simple, almost free. You can then send your app to the AppStore and manage your data with iCloud. It is compatible...
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    预览 Fortin Weather & Forecast Multiple Locations 等待分享

    Get your current location weather. Also add Unlimited cities of the weather of your desire. It helps you to keep track of weather of your desired location at your finger tips. It also gives forecast of next 3 days of the cities added and It could be of great help if you are planing to travel...
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    预览 MK Store Locator - Maps and Geolocation for Joomla 等待分享

    MK Store Locator – Maps and Geolocation Current version 1.0 Display your Joomla! contacts on Google maps with easy! The MK Store Locator works with your Joomla contacts, simply configure it with lot of parameters and choose between filter by or Geolocation option. Create Google maps...
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    预览 Gs Google Maps Directions 等待分享

    This is a light plugin that allows you to define maps, and gives you the option to display the directions between two points using Geolocation or a specific point. Also it has the options for searching a new route.
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    预览 Setmap jQuery Plugin for Google Maps 等待分享

    Setmap is a jQuery plugin which allows to easily embed Google Maps in your website. Quick screencast video preview Description The plugin allows you embed Google maps and it is highly customizable. You can set location, zoom level, zoom controls, map type and more. You can easily subscribe to...
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    预览 Google Maps Video Search 等待分享

    Google maps video search and display script. Easily display videos recorded near your users location or any other location. Use the simple API to dynamically or statically filter the videos by keyword. Client side only and no dependencies Supports older browsers (like IE7) Uses HTML5 features...
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    预览 Product Location Map for Prestashop 等待分享

    Insert a different map for each product page. Show to visitors, maps with the location of their products (a street, state or only a country) Insert a map anywhere, with hook or any DOM element. Customize their appearances and giving them their own personality. Features Map on the...

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