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    Simple QR Code - Scan & Generate 1.4

    功能强大,易于使用的条码工具统一。 -没有本地插件,跨平台和可用于非专业用户。 -可以从纹理或扫描由相机。 -能够将字符串编码成条码纹理或点阵数据。 -编码可以不开放的统一。 -清洁设计的原料药-在几行代码简单的情况下完成的。 能够复杂的需要-可自定义的选项为每个代码格式标准。 在移动平台(iOS、Android、WP8测试,Windows通用应用程序)。 -它可以在一个后台线程解码,而不阻塞游戏。 -识别旋转或倒置的纹理,并可以尝试更难解码低分辨率图像。 支持解码UPC-A、UPC-E,EAN-8,EAN-13,39码,93码,128码,ITF、Codabar、MSI、RSS -...
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    Generate Icons From Prefabs 1.0

    在一些游戏中,你使用的许多游戏项目(武器,UPS电源,建筑…)这可比几百甚至更多(在RPG游戏,网络游戏,塔防…)为每个不同的升级… 一旦你有你的3D预制完成,你经常需要向他们展示库存或任何UI的目的。 为所有的人做图标是可怕的和无聊的… “生成图标”使这个动作无痛。这里简单的工作流程: -您设置您的所需的图标大小 -你的命名约定 选择预设需要的图标 -按下启动按钮然后à! 特征: -正面和背面的用户界面来设计你的图标 -选择相机角度和安装灯 用于图标命名的前缀和后缀 保存图标附近预制或把它们都放在一个目录 -使用一个阿尔法面具来塑造你的图标 -使用图像后处理效果,使他们美丽...
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    预览 RSSExtract - Generate your site from RSS feeds and YouTube playlists 等待分享

    RSSExtract is a PHP application based on the popular Laravel 5 framework. With RSSExtract you can build your site from standard RSS/Atom feeds and YouTube playlists: items will be crawled from these sources and will be displayed on your pages with images, titles, date, etc. You can create...
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    预览 - stream web channel [PHP] 等待分享

    -Web Stream Card -Automatic channel info with your user -Links:, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Neruvian -Donation and Subscription button -Configurable messages -Flexible -Automatic gallery. Copy your images into a folder. Nothing more.
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    预览 Persona - Freelancer Website Creator 等待分享

    Persona Persona is a web application specially created for freelancers. It is the best way to create your own web page in just 5 minutes, without any special knowledge. Version 1.2 - Fixed Minor Bugs Version 1.1 - Added Page Builder - Added new themes - Added Services section - Added Staff...
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    预览 Database to PHP Class Generator 等待分享

    Database to PHP Class Generator can generate PHP entity classes from database tables with a single click, Application will also build web and print ready documentation for the generated class. Generated classed gives you a head start in any project. The time you save can be spent on more...
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    预览 “Couponer” - coupon code generator 等待分享

    “Couponer” – coupon code generator this is php class, which provides the ability to generate coupon codes on various parameters. Its key feature is the generation of a coupon code on a mask like this “prefix-XXX-XXX-suffix” where ‘X’ – random symbol, ‘-’ – custom separator. Key features: - You...
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    预览 MySQL Datagenerator & import/export 等待分享

    Generate country-specific, real-life testdata and import directly to DB or export to SQL, CSV, PHParray or JSON Unique features of MySQL Datagenerator (besides many other features): 1. Preview of examplevalues that will be generated. 2. Your local databases are automatically scanned. 3. Import...