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    Folder and Script Utilities++ 1.0

    使用文件夹和脚本实用程序+ +显着改善工作流程 使用整洁系统将文件夹和资产整理成模板指定的结构。 创建脚本轻松,允许变化和功能定制每一个脚本,你需要什么!! 带有自定义编辑器来创建和编辑代码和文件夹模板。 导入\/导出设置和模板! 带有完整的源代码,给你力量去超越任何菜单定制! Improve your workflow dramatically with Folder and Script Utilities++ Use the tidy system to tidy up your folders and assets into a structure...
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    Handy Tools — Useful Hierarchy / Folder Structure / Instant Editor Scripts / Level Design Tools 1.0.4

    一种用于快速和高效的水平建筑物或结构的轻质实用板。 更新:V1.0.4:新布局紧凑,圆形网格工具和各种小的补充。 ***奖金: +增加了方便的编辑器脚本包 +增加了方便的项目结构包 14(3D \/二维独立)选择为基础的工具,快速,高效的发展,水平创造或结构\/层次结构。 得心应手的工具与您的定期统一工作流程无缝。 每一步都可以解开。 更多的功能和替代图标为基础的布局将很快增加。 (见下面的文档链接-文档也可以在包中找到) 辅导的 手持工具的演示视频(YouTube) 方便工具功能: 每个工具都与一个或多个选择,并可以撤消。 -快捷键...
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    Hierarchy Folder Object 1.0.4

    通过将对象在对象保持现场整洁的文件夹层次结构。使用隐藏和锁定功能,以防止在编辑您的场景时发生意外更改。 许多开发商统一使用空的游戏对象在他们的层次组相关的对象,并保持其整洁的场景。然而,这可以有令人沮丧的意外后果时,空的父对象的局部变换属性被意外地编辑-浪费时间。它还缺乏某些功能,一些用户可能会被用于在其他软件包(如图像编辑工具)。 这个包介绍了一个文件夹对象到您的场景层次结构。 特征...
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    Folder Friend Version 1.0

    文件夹的朋友是一个非常易于使用的组织工具,它可以帮助您快速构建您的项目的文件夹框架。 文件夹的朋友允许你: 导入现有的文件夹项目层次 -将新文件夹添加到列表中 -删除文件夹(无法删除导入的文件夹) -修改文件夹(无法修改导入的文件夹) 当你准备好了的时候,就很容易按下生成的文件夹按钮。 这将创建您所创建的列表中的所有文件夹(跳过一个文件夹,如果它存在)和你的项目层次将看与您的项目所需的所有文件夹组织。 Folder Friend is an extremely easy-to-use organizational tool which helps you quickly...
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    预览 Ultimate Smart Slider - Responsive 等待分享

    STOP CODING YOUR IMAGES! This is a plugin that automatically generates a slider from a folder of images, taking the name of the images as captions. You can change the order of the images, and also select which ones will show the caption. ----> Update: May 2, 2013 Added a option to disabled...
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    预览 Adv Opencart FTP 等待分享

    AdvFTP is a smart, fast and lightweight file manager extension. It operates from Opencart back-end so you don’t have to use any FTP program anymore. You can browse folders, create, edit, copy, move, delete, search, upload and download files and much more. Features : Browsing files and folders...
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    预览 Cloudable - File Hosting Script - Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files 等待分享

    Cloudable enables freelancers, small businesses (such as media agencies) and webmasters to easily share their files online. It’s been built to be extremely robust, secure and very fast! Features Upload Files: NEW PHP7 support. Multi-file uploader with progress. 5GB+ filesize supported. Images...
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    预览 FileCloud PRO v2 - Folders Plugin 等待分享

    This plugin require FileCloud PRO v2 (FileCloud PRO v2 - PHP Scripts | CodeCanyon) Features Add folder Delete folder Rename folder Move files in folders Demo login: admin/admin In archive is included doc how to install plugiin Update 1.1 Fixed folder delete
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    预览 CloudBox - Online File Management System 等待分享

    Summery The CloudBox – Online File Management System can control multiple files. you may also control unauthorized access in your project. Highly secured file uploader and access control that created using CodeIgniter Framework. Multi-level user access, user communication by internal message...
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    预览 Tequila - File Hosting Script 等待分享

    Description Tequila is a solid, safe, fast, simple and intuitive script which allows companies or individuals to upload, manage and share their files online. It is studied in every feature and was produced with attention to every detail. Features API Create your own application that connect...
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    预览 FileCloud 等待分享

    FileCloud is sample file sharing and storing platform. You can use it for personal or public work. Features Twitter Bootstrap SEO and Friendly urls Multiple uploads Drag & Drop Full admin panel Admin can set files per page Admin can change allowed extensions Admin can turn on/off user...

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