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    Find With Tag Editor 1.0

    Search for objects by tag in both the editor and play mode. Find and move between different objects with the same tag.Accelerate your searches and control your tags quickly. Compatible with any version of Unity
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    Find Reference 2 1.2.4

    电子邮件|文档|论坛 查找参考2是一个强大的工具来跟踪您的资产之间的所有项目的所有项目。 看看哪些资产纳入镜头,清理多余的资产包括在每个场景中,点复制资产,取代预制件、材料、纹理、着色器1-2点击只是一些FR2的可怕的特点… #完整的C源代码,速度极快,团结和统一4.3 + 5 x作品。 特征 在项目面板中显示使用计数 -显示所有被选定的资产引用的所有资产(标签使用) -显示已对选定资产的引用的所有资产(标签使用) -在这个项目中找到所有重复的资产 -将所有重复的资产合并成一个(替换引用) -找到任何其他资产不被引用的所有资产 -指导工具 -参考资料的出口资产...
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    Find Replace Tags Layers 1.42

    预览用户手册 在这里。 与统一亲和版和免费版兼容。 主要特点: 查找和替换在每个场景中的标签和主动对象或层。 批量删除(仔细!)场景对象的标签和\/或层。 搜索一个完整的场景或只是一个特定的父\/子层次结构,使用所有或特定的标签和\/或层。 在深层次结构管理标签和层更容易。 与统一的本地撤消方法集成。 控制台输出的短程序,或… 日志文件的审查和确认:以逗号分隔的值。txt文件导入到电子表格或比较工具。 Preview the user manual here. Compatible with both Unity Pro and Free editions...
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    Quick Find 1.0

    快速查找是一个快速和轻量级的搜索工具,可以让你快速搜索任何东西从在任何地方,所以你不需要浪费时间寻找和点击面板。 搜索你的项目,资产和场景都从一个窗口。在编辑器中选择资产,或直接在代码编辑器中打开代码。快速查找将节省你几个小时的点击通过统一的窗口试图找到东西。 它只是工作,没有麻烦,优化的速度和易用性。灵感来自崇高的文本的模糊搜索。 Quick Find is a fast and lightweight search tool that lets you quickly search for anything from anywhere, so you don't need to...
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    Find Prefabs With Component 1.0

    一个有用的编辑器扩展允许您发现任何问题,使用选定的MonoBehaviour资产。 特征: 整合到项目视图的右键菜单。 搜索所有的问题在你的资源文件夹中。 搜索可以取消,有利于大项目。 自动选择所有的匹配,让您快速多编辑或拖动到场景。 快乐搜索! A helpful editor extension which allows you to find any prefabs which are using the selected MonoBehaviour asset. Features: Integrated into right click menu of...
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    Find Missing Components 1.0

    选择每个GameObject场景中有一个丢失的脚本附加到它。 用于清洁\/调试项目的非常方便的工具。 (添加了一个新的菜单项; 游戏对象>找到缺失的部分) Select every gameobject in your scene that has a missing script attached to it. Extremely handy tool for cleaning / debugging projects. (Adds a new menu item; Gameobject > Find Missing Components)
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    Find Reference In Project 1.02

    跟踪项目中的引用。\r -参考的路径是已知的。\r 在类中的引用也可以被跟踪。\r -嵌套参考也可跟踪。 由一个GUID字符串引用可跟踪。\r ——资产具有管理资源的GUID可参考跟踪。(例如:ex2d等\r) -谁包含在一个可执行文件中使用,或者它可以查找一个未知文件的引用。\r -它可以用于减少一个可执行文件的大小。\r -它对应于所有的对象\/组件。 The reference in a project is tracked. - The path of reference is known. - The reference in class can also be...
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    Find Unused Assets 1.0.1

    一个简单的使用工具,发现并突出在项目窗口中的未使用的资产。 非常有用的\r迅速清理你的旧东西的项目。 A simple to use tool that finds and highlights unused assets in the project window. Very useful to rapidly cleanup your project of the old stuff.
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    Find Asset References 1.2

    这个编辑器扩展允许找到参考对象选定对象的当前场景和项目。 支持对象 - monoscript -预制 -材料 纹理 -剪辑 This editor extension is allow find the referenced GameObjects of the selected object in currently scene and project. Support object - MonoScript - Prefab - Material - Texture - AudioClip
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    预览 Magic Cup - HTML5 Game 等待分享

    Magic Cup is a HTML5 game where the ball is placed into one of the three cups and get shuffled while you try to keep your eye on the one your ball was originally placed. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To...
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    预览 Find The Cat - HTML5 Game 等待分享

    Find The Cat is a HTML5 game where you have listen to the sound come from left and right speaker to find the invisible cat. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To Play: 1. Turn on speaker to play this game, use...
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    预览 Find The Pug - HTML5 Game 等待分享

    Find The Pug is a HTML5 game where you have to spend countless minutes seeking out the hidden pug in a sea of dogs. The ZIP package contains the game with 1024×768 resolution that scales proportionally to fit current screen device. How To Play: 1. Find and tap the pug in the puzzle 2. Beware of...
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    预览 Country Flags Quiz - Find The Word Template 等待分享

    DESCRIPTION: This is Country Word quiz game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of countries flags from around the world. Learn more about country after correct answers. The gameplay is similar with “4 pics 1 words” game Features - More than 170 flags already, easy...
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    预览 You and Me Dating App with Admin Panel 等待分享

    This UnME Android Dating App comes with a Admin Panel Features Secure and Social Login The app supports Login with Facebook which will be implemented using the FB SDK . The user once logged in is registered with the web server and a number of details like friends , interests , photos are...
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    预览 Find Food 等待分享

    Admob supported Now! This is a game «Find Food» for Android OS. Choose the pan in which there is bread. The project was coded with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS6. The main source file of project is “FindFood.fla”, which also was included to purchased archive. The project was compiled for...
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    预览 real Estate & iPhone, iPad App With Live Support V1.1 等待分享

    Features Support iOS 9 ! ( Also need update paypal sdk for ios 9 ) Storyboard System Latest Xcode Descriptions Live Chat Categories Location System Facebook & Twitter Shares Admin Panel And much more..
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    预览 Find Words 等待分享

    About The Game : find the word it is an easy to play game, that helps the player to learn the correct spelling of the words in a funny and a challenging way. In this game a word will be shown at first, then the player should find it in a list of auto generated words as quickly as possible. it...
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    预览 Find Pearl 等待分享

    About the game The Game<Find Pearl> belong to the series of “FIND”.The game can help you improve analysis ability of your brain. Click the play button the shells start swapping,you can click the shell that there is pearl you think when shells stop swapping.It is funny,Let’s play it ,Good Luck...
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    预览 Find Couples with Admob 等待分享

    Find Couples is an Android game made in Java using Eclipse IDE. The aim of the game is to find every couple before the time has finished. The game includes 12 different levels, each harder than previous. Also, the best time for each level is stored. DOWNLOAD THE GAME GAME FEATURE - Random...
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    预览 Scary Poo World + IAP + Reward Video Ad 等待分享

    UPDATE Update 1.1 - Update to IOS 9.3 and Xcode 7.3 - Update Advertising SDK’s. Poo is lost in Scary World and trying to find the way out from it. Help him to go threw this Scary World, jumping and shooting on scary Ghost, Bat, Skeleton, using also PowerUps like Powerful Magnets, Destroy All...

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