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    Trivia Game First Spin-Off: Films 1.0

    小游戏第一次分拆:电影给了你很多视觉的精灵与一个伟大的视觉概念,创造一个小游戏。只需要使用你喜欢的字体,享受这些可爱的角色。 详情如下: - 6个冷静的角色。 2旋轮线。 - 5种问题卡片。 - 6个游戏筹码。 - 6个解锁字符。 - 6个图标。 - 6张海报。 -免费支持。为解决与我联络,变化…等(adolfo-1985 @ Hotmail。com)。 -享受和快乐。 Trivia Game First Spin-Off: Films gives you a lot of visual sprites to create a trivia game with a great...
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    预览 Mercury - Theme for MTDb (Movies and TV Database) 等待分享

    Mercury is a Theme for MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database, it updates almost all pages from original theme, features a clean and modern interface, parallax backgrounds, user friendly interface and is cross-browser compatible and responsive. Requirements This theme requires a working installation...
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    预览 Gold MOVIES 等待分享

    Gold MOVIES is simple and awesome movies script. You can simply search and watch your movie. You need to add Movies, TV Shows, Episodes manually from admin-panel. You can create more succesfull website with many advertising spaces. It has Google Adsense and Google Analytics Support. So Why are...
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    预览 MTDb - Streaming Plugin 等待分享

    MTDb – streaming is a plugin for MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database and requires it in order to work. It adds movies/series streaming functionality on top of other MTDb features. Demos Movie With Links Demo: Ant-Man Episode With Links Demo: Mr.Robot Demo with Mercury Theme (needs to be...
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    预览 MTDb - Ultimate Movie&TV Database 等待分享

    MTDb allows you to easily create your own fully functional Movies and TV shows site in minutes with zero coding knowledge. Requirements PHP >= 5.4 MCrypt PHP Extension (enabled by default) PDO Extension (enabled by default) php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default) MySQL...

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