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    Complete Sci-Fi GUI + psd files 1.0

    包含图形: •启动面板 •滚动条 •滑块 •物品栏 •口吧 •设置图标 检查盒; 收音机按钮; •按钮; •输入字段 •文本区域 •Windows 包中包含的PSD文件。 退房也: 动画空间人集 科幻的星球 科幻模块空间实验室 支持 Contain graphics for: • Start panel • Scrollbars • Sliders • Item slots • Exp bar • Settings icons • Check boxes; • Radio buttons; • Buttons; • Input...
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    Fantasy GUI Middle Ages - 170 PNG Files 1.2

    幻想的GUI中世纪170 PNG文件幻想的GUI中世纪170 PNG文件! webDemo 支持 更新: 1.1: •5游标 30个独特的图标 新窗口:任务,设备,库存,统计 •新按钮 •口吧 +完整的PSD文件,编辑的所有新项目 +图标的人工智能文件特征: 包含图形: •5游标 30个独特的图标 窗口:菜单,文本,任务,设备,库存,统计 •口吧 健康与法力泡泡 •按钮: 大钮扣;大钮扣 Small Menu Buttons;的人   关闭-帮助-分页   复选框 加减法;加法减法 •滚动条 •滑块...
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    Ez Files Rename 1.0

    它是一种资产统一,将有助于你重命名一堆文件顺序排序的名字而不会搞乱了整个层次结构。 如何使用它: -导入到您的统一项目的包 -选择要重命名的项目,可以在项目文件夹或层次结构中 -选择窗口\/文件重命名\/打开 -选择新的名称,如果你想使它连续和类型的名称和数字之间的空间 选择“重命名文件重命名层次”在层次选择的文件或重命名项目文件的重命名文件在项目文件夹 -选择“排序选择”来按名称对文件进行排序 It is an asset for Unity that will help you to rename a bunch of files sequentially and sort...
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    PSD Layers to PNG Files 1.01

    提取PSD层从PS图象处理软件的文件直接到PNG文件在统一! 一个奇妙的节省时间的工具! 电子邮件 论坛 Extracts PSD layers from your Photoshop files directly to PNG files in Unity! A fantastic time-saving utility! Email: Forum
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    预览 DZS Uploader - All purpose html5 uploader 等待分享

    Intro DZS Uploader is a all purpose html5 upload system. It can be used as a simple upload button ( example 1 ) . It can be used in a CMS with a pairing input field that gets populated automatically on file upload ( example 2 ) . Or it can be used as a complex multiple file upload solution with...
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    预览 THROW! HTML5 games with Spriter. 等待分享

    What is Full Game; Simple Gameplay; Easy to Reskin; Easy to Add Content; Touch & Mouse; Sound Fx; High Resolution; Online Support 24/7; -what is it? It is the finished game which can be laid out in a network, to export on Androif or IOS and Windows. What in her it? Game is created on Scirre...
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    预览 Share.- Node.js File Sharing Platform (MEAN) 等待分享

    ‘share.’ is a Node.js (MEAN stack) single-page application / platform created to allow you to use or create (open) your own file sharing service based on client-server model. Single-page application, high performance, responsive & simple design and lightweight uploader. Highly configurable with...
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    预览 jQuery Simple File Browser 等待分享

    A File Browser that uses jQuery and Font Awesome This plugin represents a filder and files of your server, like System File Browser (explorer, dolphin…). It uses Font Awesome and Ajax JSON. You only need to implement a JSON response in your prefered language, or using the PHP connector included.
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    预览 DOCman PayPal Paid Downloads 3.1 等待分享

    DOCman 1.6.7 and DOCman 2.0 support! -> Shopping cart -> Custom download limit per sale, sales number limit and price (ability to have free files) -> Email delivery for the purchased files (also in cart mode where more than one file is purchased) -> Customizeable “Thank You” page, “Merchant...
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    预览 Filecons - Pure JavaScript File Icons 等待分享

    Filecons.js is a set of file icons generated using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. Everything is encapsulated into a single file – no external images or CSS. The only external file is the Open Sans font, which is being loaded automatically by the script. All icons are infinitely resizable and can...
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    预览 Downloads Page for PrestaShop 等待分享

    The Downloads Page module lets you upload files to your PrestaShop. Every file can have attached an image, a title and a description (both in multiple languages). This module also lets you to edit, reorder and delete the uploaded files and the attached information using the control panel. You...
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    预览 Customer Attachment Module for Prestashop 等待分享

    Demonstration Demo Back Office Username: Password: customerattachment Demo Front Office Username: Password: customerattachment Customer Attachment Precautions Before installing this module please check that your PHP version...
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    预览 Timber - Ultimate Freelancer Platform 等待分享

    Timber ships with many features to extend both Appearance and Functionality. Some of these features are Powerful Dashboard, Memebers Management, Projects Management, Tasks, Milestones, Tickets, Files, Invoices, Paypal Gateway, Stripe Gateway, Subscriptions, Estimates, Quotations, Expenses...
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    预览 Box - An Online Cloud Storage Application 等待分享

    Box is an online cloud storage application based on Laravel. This will help you to create a custom cloud storage file manager for your team, your office or even start your own cloud storage business. Now you don’t need to pay a single penny to buy cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox etc.). Make your own...
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    预览 Arenkay File Manager 等待分享

    This a PHP application that assists you to easily manage files on your server. With a quick install and simple steps you can have it up an running in minutes. Manage files and folder in the document root or a folder that you specify Multiple files upload Create and edit text based files Secure...
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    预览 Amazon S3 - Droppy online file sharing 等待分享

    Droppy with Amazon S3 The Amazon S3 plugin will connect your existing or new Droppy setup to your S3 Bucket and stores all the uploaded files in your bucket. When a upload expires, the plugin will automatically delete the files from your bucket to reduce unnecessarily costs. Features: Fast...
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    预览 zFiles - Online file Sharing Platform 等待分享

    About zFiles: zFiles is Advanced PHP Multiple File Uploader allows your visitors and your users to upload multiple files at a time. Also can share Files with other users or create a public link for anyone. zFiles was created for everyone that must constantly send or receive files. Created with...
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    预览 Filepicker - Multi file uploader 等待分享

    Filepicker – Multi file uploader Demo: Filepicker - Multi file uploader Docs: Installation - Filepicker 2.0 - HazzardWeb Filepicker is an advanced file uploader script built with PHP and JavaScript (jQuery) that allows to upload multiple files to a server without any hassle, offering a large...
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    预览 nameBucket 等待分享

    NameBucket is a lightweight PHP script, generating realistic random names, offering your visitors the possibility to choose from many settings for their final result like gender, nationality, character settings and output format. Easy installation This script comes with an installer, so you...
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    预览 Filex - File Uploader with Expiration 等待分享

    Filex is a PHP System designed to let users upload files to your server and select when the file should expire. Users are able to select whether if they want the file to expire in a certain amount of days, or downloads or none of them, and also they can protect it by password. Features: Users...

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