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    RealTime FaceRecognition Sample 1.0.0

    作品与团结和团结 [新] WebGL(测试版)支持(unity5.3或以后) 网间网操作系统&安卓支持 windowsstoreapp8.1&WindowsPhone8.1&windows10 UWP(测试版)支持 赢&雨衣&Linux独立的支持 预览支持编辑 此资产要求“团结2.0.8或晚OpenCV“。 该资产是实时人脸识别的样本项目OpenCV的统一“。 这个项目的代码是重写https:\/\/github.com\/masteringopencv\/code\/tree\/master\/chapter8_facerecognition使用“OpenCV的统一“。...
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    预览 PHP Face Detector 等待分享

    PHP Face Detector is a library based on PHP and JavaScript that allow you to perform face detection operations on images. More than that, the JavaScript API delivered with it provides useful methods and events that you can use to build features like facebook has: place detected faces on image or...

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