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    预览 Prestashop Product Extract 等待分享

    This module adds a tab to the product page where it lists all the products orders even the undelivered or canceled. It shows if the product has invoice and links to the order, client, and invoice. Special useful to find pending orders for a specific product.
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    预览 Google Maps Scraping 等待分享

    Scraping Google Maps and get all the information that provide. Extract and collect data to Google Maps with just one click. You can create your own database of information about every activity insert in Google My Business (ex Google Places) and on Google Maps. Set: query of search domain of...
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    预览 Script Harvest - Images And Script Downloader 等待分享

    Have you ever wanted to download multiple images from a website and had to multiple right clicks just to save them?- Script Harvest helps you do it in just a few clicks. How about trying to downloading CSS, JS & Images files from a website? Have you ever wanted to download the files from a...

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