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    Excel Reader 1.0.3

    总结: 这种资产可以读取Excel文件(xls)。 转换为字典或自定义类。 作品: 在单位和团结专业工作,窗户和苹果。 要求: 需要统一3.5或更高。 邮件:masa795048@gmail.com Summary: This Asset can read the Excel file ( xls ). Convert to Dictionary or custom Class. Works : Works in Unity & Unity Pro, Windows and Mac . Requires: Requires Unity 3.5 or...
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    预览 Virtuemart excel like product manager 等待分享

    Must-have super simple utility component for VirtueMart online shops. It enables for user to change prices and stock very easy and fast lake they do in MS Excel. UI and keyboard behavior is same as in MS Excel. This is the right thing for you if your users give you a blank stare when you’re...
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    预览 Javascript Excel Creator 等待分享

    Javascript Excel Creator is a component made with javascript and a small flash which allows developers to create excel files on fly just in browser. Features: Create Excel file completely on client side. No server interaction required. The file contents could be created programmatically on...
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    预览 htmlToOffice - HTML Data converter 等待分享

    Word or Excel to HTML convert all of your data in this plugin
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    预览 Array To CSV Converter Class 等待分享

    ArrayCommaSeperated class designed for the converting array variables to cvs files with php. You can convert and save csv files with or without filenames. Also, you can print output to screen. The main advantage of class is flexible filenames and seperators. Documentation Link: Untitled...
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    预览 Liquid Listings PHP Business Directory 等待分享

    Liquid Listings PHP Business Directory A robust and customizable php framework for any business directory. This code can be integrated with any directory theme. Includes a complete site template with php files, js scripts, and css files. Demo Online demo Admin Demo Admin Dashboard demo...
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    预览 Excel Parser - Parse & Retrieve Data from Excel 等待分享

    This PHP class can be used to parse and extract data from Excel XLS spreadsheet files. Moreover, the class provides functions also to retrieve data for the spreadsheet worksheets, rows and cells. The script allows you to upload the excel file and just press the PARSE button and the rest of the...
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    预览 Array to CSV Class 等待分享

    Code examples & Documentation https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19701113/codecanyon/arraytocsvclass/index.html This is a useful class to convert an Array to CSV. Simple and easy to use Array to CSV CSV as string Save CSV as file Use custom seperators
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    预览 Excel to Html 等待分享

    Description Finally a good program that will help you to importing data in the web. Stop to write the data in the tables html, you just have to change the data inside the file Excel and this application read your excel and create the table html responsive with sorting.. Table Responsive...
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    预览 Ultimate DB import/export (CSV-XLS(x)-XML-MySQL) 等待分享

    This application makes your work easy and effortless when it comes to data import/export to/from MySQL database. Feed CSV or XLS (Excel) files to your MySQL database within seconds. Purchasing this product you can easily convert: - CSV to MySQL - XLS to MySQL - MySQL to CSV - MySQL to XLS Tailor...
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    预览 PDO Multi-DB Info Manager 等待分享

    PDO Multi-DB Info Manager is an application developed in PHP that allows you to admin your SQL Server, PostgreSQL SQLite 3 and MySQL databases without the need of write any code(no php, neither sql) in an easy way, using an attractive web interface. You can build local and remote connection...

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