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    Time-Based Life System 1.3

    创建一个本地时间的生命系统的免费游戏(F2P)与一个单一的预制场和短短的几行代码。 方便配置的最大数量的生命和时间来恢复。 完整和详细的文档和演示场景包括。 Create a local time-based life system for free-to-play (F2P) games with a single prefab and just a few lines of code. Easy configuration for maximum number of lives and time to recover. Full and detailed...
  2. UnityStore

    Sudoku Generator 1.0

    忘记保持你的数独游戏固定游戏数据库。 exagames”数独发生器是一个能够创造了独特的游戏6670903752021072936960算法。 你的球员不会玩同一个谜两次! 播放网页演示! Forget about maintaining databases of fixed puzzles in your Sudoku games. ExaGames’ Sudoku Generator is an algorithm capable of creating up to 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 unique puzzles. Your...
  3. UnityStore

    Floating Text Effect 1.0

    需要统一4.6.0或更高 创建浮动文本的效果显示得分,拾取信息,损坏等。 一切都用一行代码。 完整的文档和两个演示场景包括。 Requires Unity 4.6.0 or higher Create floating text effects to show score, pick-up information, damage, etc. Everything with a single line of code. Full documentation and two demo scenes included.
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