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    Encode To TGA 1.3

    工具将所有类型的位图纹理的统一为未压缩的TGA文件确认(在RGBA格式每通道8bits)。 作品编辑和运行时间。 在编辑图像文件可以直接从项目窗口或使用批量转换器转换。 运行时间API添加encodetotga()可拓方法的Texture2D类一样encodetojpg()和encodetopng()功能。 有问题吗?论坛。 *位图纹理的统一确认: JPG,PNG,BMP,TIF,PSD、TGA、敌我识别、DDS和GIF(第一帧)。 Tool converts all type of bitmap textures* recognized by Unity into...
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    预览 Text Compresser 等待分享

    This tool is good for compressing text ( words bigger then 3 chars) up to 7921 word, but unlimited combination of this words. A string can be compressed at more then 250% Example – Compressing the biggest english words: 152 chars are compressed to 10 characters – compression 1381%...
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    预览 Izy Encrypter 等待分享

    Izy Encryter is a highly secure & unique encryption script which helps to keep data like email, passwords, texts, links secured without others being able to steal or understand it. DEMO: Izy Encrypter Features The algorithm used in this script is Unique Algorithm – built by our own team which...
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    预览 Obstrufucate Text 等待分享

    Before you vote < 5 post please post a comment with what you don’t like about this item, I will update it so that you can vote 5 star. You can crypt from php,javascript and/or actionscript 3 and decrypt in php,javascript and/or actionscript 3 or inverse. Very easy to use but powerful in the...

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