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    预览 HTML Site - Square Resume Package 等待分享

    Important! This template is sold as it is, there is currently no support. Check the live preview out to be certain it works out for you. Thank you! HTML Site • Square Resume Package This package provides you with everything you need to successful apply for your new job. From the mail for your...
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    预览 Exact Copy of the Order Confirmation Mail 等待分享

    InstaCopy Greatness InstaCopy creates the exact copy of the confirmation mail your customer receives. It allows you to form the whole list of recipients: administrator, sales, bookkeeper, logistics etc. This way you get the full control of the customer experience that standard OpenCart admin...
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    预览 Creative Feedback Form with Voting System 等待分享

    Creative Feedback form is a new way to interact with site visitors gaining valuable feedback which can be rated by others users of site. Let your visitors give you ideas, proposals and comments on your site. Even a user without knowledge of programming language will easily setup this form their...
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    预览 Subscriber - Most Advanced E-Mail Newsletter 等待分享

    Subscriber – Most Advanced E-Mail Newsletter Subscriber is easy to use newsletter system written in PHP. Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your member database. Easy to manage, easy to install and requires minimal requirements of hosting. The script...
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    预览 Subscribe & Download 等待分享

    Subscribe & Download is a powerful widget, which allows to distribute files through subscriptions. If people want to download something from your website or from third party websites they must submit their contact details. After submission they receive encrypted temporary download link by email...

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