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    Dynamic Value Manager - Dropbox 1.0

    抓住它,而特殊的发射价格为1美元持续。 曾经想调整你的手机游戏的整数值,而不更新你的游戏。 这些资产将帮助你管理所有的整数,你创造的游戏从一个公共服务如Dropbox。它是非常简单和易于集成。你所要做的就是在你的场景中实现一个游戏对象的脚本。设置所有你想做的值可调。你是这样做的! 剧本是用C写的#。 请如果你面对任何问题smashgamestudios@gmail.com与我们取得联系。我们已经将文档和软件包一起添加了。 Grab it while the special launch price of 1$ lasts. Ever wanted to tweak the...
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    MG Patcher Tools - DropBox 1.0

    此包包含mgpatchertools标准的补充。此外,将允许你使用Dropbox的替代传统的服务器。 This package contains a Supplement to MGPatcherTools-Standard. The addition will allow you to use DropBox instead of traditional server.
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    预览 iOS Contacts Manager 等待分享

    Have you ever find an easy way to transfer you iOS contacts to other platforms or backed up properly? This iOS contacts app will help you to manage, backup and restore your contacts in the easy way. Allows you to quickly make a call or send a message in a single swipe. It also allows you to...
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    预览 40 Animated SVG Social Media Icons 等待分享

    These animated SVG icons are the perfect way to send your customers to your social media. They’re all SVGs (scaleable vector graphics), which means that you can make them any size and show them on any screen (even retina), and they’ll look 100% crisp and clear. What happens when the icon isn’t...
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    预览 Your own Dropbox Place with easy File Uploading with Progress Bar 等待分享

    If you’re looking for a fast and secure way to get files from people or you need a way to quickly send yourself files from anywhere (mobile, desktop) via the browser, then this web app is for you. Recently, because my DEMO script here uses file uploads on my server and the DEMO password was...
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    预览 Buckty - File Hosting and Multi Cloud Service 等待分享

    Buckty is a platform where users can upload their files and share them along with other users. Users also can connect to their Dropbox and Google drive accounts to sync the files or folders from buckty to dropbox or dropbox to buckty and same for Google drive to buckty or buckty to Google...
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    预览 Box - An Online Cloud Storage Application 等待分享

    Box is an online cloud storage application based on Laravel. This will help you to create a custom cloud storage file manager for your team, your office or even start your own cloud storage business. Now you don’t need to pay a single penny to buy cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox etc.). Make your own...
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    预览 Cloud Backup & Versioning for Envato Purchases 等待分享

    Cloud Backup & Versioning for Envato Purchases Keep your Purchased Items safe in your own personal cloud account(s) Amazon S3 Dropbox Automatically upload backups and versions to your cloud accounts by just entering your purchase code and a backup/version title You don’t need to...
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    预览 Your own Web File Sharing System with User Management and DropBox feature 等待分享

    If you’re looking for a user managed, web file sharing system, for personal use, then this full web-app is for you. You will be able to send files to people you work with, friends etc., secure and password protected. If you own your own server / hosting (or VPS), you can use as many GB you...
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    预览 Simple File Sharing 等待分享

    Description Simple File Sharing is a script designed to allow webmasters to operate their own file sharing service such as DropBox. It’s designed to allow for users to signup, verify their account and then start uploading. A user can easily delete and password protect their files with the click...
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    预览 Ultimate Backup 等待分享

    Ultimate Backup is a PHP Class which allows you to backup your files, folders and databases to ensure data redundancy in the event, should you need to restore your data in an emergency. It makes life much easier not having to worry about managing your backup catalogue, complex schedules and...
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    预览 Kotakin with API - self-host file sharing 等待分享

    I’m going to leave this item in few months, so existing buyers can have time to download, and then I’m going remove it. Thank you for all existing buyers, for all your supports. But I’m unable to continue support it, because it’s not worthed and maintaining it need a lot of time, while I’m...
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    预览 Dropbox Frontend Slider for PHP 等待分享

    Display Dropbox images directly in PHP websites with real time synchronization - Display images in the frontend of the website - Choose between frontend display modes (flexslider, no effect) or create your own effect (by adding a new folder to the effects folder). Fully customize the output by...

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