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    Mobile Simple UI 1.0.

    移动简单用户界面: 1_button 2_levels 3_loading 4_menu 5_pause 6_shop 7_stripes 8_victory 包括63个图标PNG和PSD源文件。 Mobile Simple UI: 1_Button 2_Levels 3_Loading 4_Menu 5_Pause 6_Shop 7_Stripes 8_Victory Included 63 icons in PNG and psd source files.
  2. UnityStore

    2D coins pack 4.6.0b17

    此包包含了所有游戏项目需要的好的硬币图标。 包括十四个简单的二维硬币与黄金,银和青铜的变化。 特征: 42独特的图标png。 所有的图标都是256x256像素大小与透明度。 This pack contains nice coin icons for all of your game project needs. Includes fourteen simple 2D coins with golden, silver and bronze variations. Features: - 42 unique icons in PNG. - All icons are 256x256...
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