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    Disable Logging 2.1.2

    禁用日志记录 -禁用日志中的生成1 这是你的工具吗? -似乎是一个巨大的任务,删除所有调用调试。日志在发布版本? -你想使用“调试。isDebugBuild”或“脚本定义符号”来检查调试呢? -您要输出特定的日志以从其他日志中脱颖而出吗? 如果您遇到了上述问题,禁用日志记录是您的工具。 网站|文档|统一的论坛主题 特征: —新的!5支持统一 启用\/禁用日志中的构建。 -输出你喜欢的颜色的特定日志。 —完整源包括。 -作品在团结自由和专业。 有什么问题吗? support@tiinoo.com > >我所有的插件 Disable Logging -...
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    预览 Lemon Lock Site - Advertisement 等待分享

    Lemon Lock Site – Advertisement is a plugin that allows to lock content on your website. It Prevent users download image, Copy content, download source code….Beside It when users try to do that we can show popup to advertisement for your site. Have page setting on backend you can put content...
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    预览 Disabler Widget for Adobe Muse 等待分享

    Disabler Widget for Adobe Muse is an awesome add-on for the websites. You can disable the Right Click, Scroll, Text Select and Scrollbars (Vertical and/or Horizontal Scrollbar). Also with the Right click disabled you can add a message to the user who right clicked. Securing the website from...
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    预览 Advanced Register/Signup form 等待分享

    Advanced register form gives you full control over your register/signup forms. Make easy for your customer to signup and add more fields just by drag and drop in register/signup forms.. Now its give you ability to do changes on your register form accordingly to your business nature. Some Key...
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    预览 jQuery FocusOn - Highlight an area of your website 等待分享

    Tired of your clients missing some important feature of your web site?, maybe it’s new and you want to make them notice it. jQuery FocusOn is a plugin that makes your clients fully focus on a certain area of your web site, it receives an element and will highlight the area of that element an...
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    预览 FATS: Force Adblock To Stop 等待分享

    Note This is the PHP Script version of FATS: Force Adblock To Stop Wordpress Plugin: FATS: Force Adblock To Stop - Wordpress Plugin - WordPress Overview Easily hide partial or all of your premium content from your users that using AdBlock or Adblocking software. Just add 4 lines of code to...

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