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    Shadow Detect 1.0

    演示: 你好,我是一个年轻的开发者的伪Kayuzo。我和Unity合作已经4年了。我在许多项目上工作,我正在着手一个个人项目。为了这个目的,并分享我的激情,我将在处置的工具,脚本和其他资产,我会为我的视频游戏创建暗淡的光芒。 特征: 第一个工具是阴影检测。这是一个简单的方法来检测你的角色进入一个阴影。这个脚本使用光线投射系统的统一。当一个字符在阴影中进入(或退出)时,该脚本用于调用事件,或检测使阴影发生的对象。 你可以很容易地修改“阴影检测”。我会根据你的意见改进这个剧本。如果你有任何问题或给我任何建议,请不要犹豫。 支持所有平台 如果你有任何问题:...
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    预览 Glue: Exit-Popups to Capture Visitors 等待分享

    Create exit-popups to capture visitors just as they try to leave! This jQuery plugin “Glue” allows you to create exit-popups on your website, so you can capture visitors just as they are about to leave. Increase your conversion rates! Give visitors reasons to stay! Grab your users’ attention...
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    预览 Product Translations Manager for PrestaShop 等待分享

    The Product Translations Manager module lets you to see all your product translations in a single table. This is extremely useful to find out errors or gaps in your product translations. This module displays different warnings depending on the content of your translations, telling you if you are...
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    预览 Region Detection (jQuery) 等待分享

    Monitor clicks and hover inside or outside a specified HTML element’s region. Events are easily bindable using jQuery’s on/off methods.
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    预览 adPopup Pro for jQuery 等待分享

    adPopup Pro is a jQuery plugin to show ads (or information) in popups to your visitors. The plugin has browser detection, OS detection, screen size detection, tablet detection, mobile detection and more built-in to show the popup only to the visitors you want to. To avoid that the user sees the...
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    预览 Mobile Detect-Redirect Script With Cookies 等待分享

    Mobile Detect-Redirect Script With Cookies A simple and light “detect and redirect” script for mobile devices. It detects the mobile device, it shows the user two options, and based on his selection it will keep him on the same page or it will redirect him to another website/page. You can also...
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    预览 Image Hotlinking Tracker 等待分享

    What is image hotlinking? Image hotlinking refers to the practice of displaying an image inside the page of a website by linking to an image hosted on another website, so that it appears to be part of the linking website. For example, a hotlinked image code can look like this: <img...
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    预览 HackerCatcher v2 - Protect your Site 等待分享

    HackerCatcher v2 is a PHP System that will allow you to protect your site from hackers and spammers. Also, you’ll save their information and ban them if you want, as well as receive an email notification when all this occurs. With HackerCatcher v2 you will be able to: Detect if someone is...
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    预览 FATS: Force Adblock To Stop 等待分享

    Note This is the PHP Script version of FATS: Force Adblock To Stop Wordpress Plugin: FATS: Force Adblock To Stop - Wordpress Plugin - WordPress Overview Easily hide partial or all of your premium content from your users that using AdBlock or Adblocking software. Just add 4 lines of code to...
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    预览 Shell Scanner 等待分享

    Shell Scanner Shell scanner is a script that scans for uploaded files with malicious content, or so-called by hackers – shells. The scan takes less than 1 second, and then will appear option to verify files. If you decide that the file is malicious, you will be able to delete it through FTP...

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