1. UnityStore

    Low Poly Trees and Vegetation 1.0

    Asset composed by trees of different typical locations like city, desert, forest or country. Also there are different vegetation like different grass, bushes, bamboo and plants. Include 79 meshes and 367 variations with the included materials. With the content of this asset you can design a...
  2. UnityStore

    Forest Pack (161 items) 1.0

    This pack contains: 30 Trees * 4 Seasons = 120 Trees 10 Fir-Trees * 2 Seasons = 20 Fir-Trees 21 Bonus Items: 1. Logs (3). 2. Stones (8 ). 3. Grass (3). 4. Mushrooms (3). 5. Snowman (1). 6. Stub (1). 7. Thuja (2). Totally: 161 3D Models.
  3. UnityStore

    Big Vegetation Pack 1.0

    This Pack contains full set of game object to create landscape scene for your project. It contains 200+ lowpoly game object with variation to match with different environment style. This Pack Contains Environment for * Desert * Tropical * Winter Some background mountains are added and various...
  4. UnityStore

    CARmelo Shadow (Sports Car) 1.0

    An amazing high quality sport car with own design, this car can be used for racing games or any kind of game where you need a sports car. The doors and every wheel is separated of the model to be rotated/moved by code or to be animated. This package includes an scene with a presentation of...
  5. UnityStore

    Toon Spaceship - Modular Pack #1 1.0

    This package includes an amazing toon spaceship with 5 different colors. You can modify every part of the spaceship, duplicate, change the size or te position to make different designs of the same spaceship. It includes the demos scene with the spaceship with the 5 different colores and an skybox.
  6. UnityStore

    Enkar Republic Fighters Mega Pack 1.0

    This mega pack contains 6 fighters of the Enkar Republic with weapons. It can be used in space RTS games or in a topdown or sidescroller game. It can also be used in a 3rd person spaceship shooter. With this mega pack you save 25% compared to purchasing the models separately. - Fighter Enkur...
  7. UnityStore

    Enkar Republic Canonboat Sirtok 1.0

    This pack contains a Sirtok canonboat of the Enkar Republic with weapons. It can be used in space RTS games or in a topdown or sidescroller game. It can also be used in a 3rd person spaceship shooter. - Scifi fighter - Modular design - Beam laser, plasma canon and missile launcher - 1 torpedo...
  8. UnityStore

    Goat Skull 1.0

    Tris: 1732 Vert: 1375 Textures: 2048x2048
  9. UnityStore

    Ultra Realistic Car 1.0

    Ultra high resolution with high poly count and Detailing.Fully customizable car with a textured interior for TPS as well as FPS. Can be used for mobile projects. Technical Details Wheel poly count 1408(x4) Total Mesh tris - 150k Texture size: -Body paint and parts: 2048 -Interior: 2048...
  10. UnityStore

    Old TV with Remote Controller 1.0

    Old TV Tris: 2234 Verts: 1604 Textures: 4096x4096 (alb, metalness, normal, roughness, ao) Remote Controller Tris: 1438 Verts: 1005 Textures: 2048x2048 (alb, metalness, normal, roughness)
  11. UnityStore

    UK Thatched Houses Pack 1 1.0

    Introduction: A collection of 6 low poly thatched cottage style houses, absolutely ideal for any background village / town / city scene. Each house will come with 3 different texture maps along with a mirrored version making a total of 36 different house variations. Just drag any of the assets...
  12. UnityStore

    Docks race track - Winter night - Mobile optimized 1.0

    Race track recommended for drifting. Optimized for mobiles, all models are low poly. Textures around 512px x 512px. Tris around 14k. Lights are baked. There are animated mist particles in the air. All models have prefabs for fast construction of new levels.
  13. UnityStore

    SD Kohaku-Chanz! OPV(Optimize,Parting,Variation) 1.2

    This graphic asset is provide optimized and utilized version of "SD unity-chan" and "SD Kohaku-Chanz" which serviced by unity technology japan. Parts info spreadsheet : Click ▶ Preview Build This asset is simple. Model FBX (+ face), textures, material and humanoid rigging. There are no...
  14. UnityStore

    Xi Jinping 1.0

    Caricature of Chinese president Xi Jinping. Rig is created for Mecanim system. Textures are PBR 4K. Model is 6469 polygons, 12545 triangles, 6571 vertices. If you are interested in more politicians, check out my other pack: politicians caricature pack Textures are 4K pbr. Color map, normal...
  15. UnityStore

    Nova's Planet Terrain Generator 1.1

    Generates Planet globes. Spherical terrain for worlds... asteroids... whatever you want to use. When i looked around on the internet to find some clue to how to generate planets procedurally i found nothing at all so i made this to help peaple with some simple planets. Fully Procedural, fully...
  16. UnityStore

    Christmas Tree & Presents - Hand Painted 1.0

    Put some Christmas magic into your game project with this festive hand painted, low poly tree and gift set! Happy holidays everyone!
  17. UnityStore

    three bugs 1.0

    PBR材质(金属牝羊) 噩梦的甲虫 包含11个动画 idle2 idle1 步行 运行 跳 atack1 atack2 atack3 愤怒 受击 死亡 面临8454 点12716 三16114 美丽的噩梦的甲虫 包含13个动画 idle1 idle2 walk1 walk2 jump1 jump2 atack1 atack2 atack3 atack4 咆哮 受击 死亡 面临14173 点13933 三25644 飞的食肉甲虫 包含9个动画 idle1 idle2 atack1 atack2 atack3 飞行 受击 死亡 咆哮 面临5876 点5919 三10890...
  18. UnityStore

    Hellish sheriff 1.0

    PBR材质(金属牝羊) 包含14个动画 idle1 idle2 Idle3 步行 运行 伤口 跳 atack1 该战役 atack2 atack3 近战攻击 受击 死亡 PBR的纹理。 反照率 - AO 金属 正常 (所有4096x4096大小) 面临19737 点22480 三38176 PBR textures(Metallic Sheder) Contains 14 animation idle1 idle2 idle3 walk run wound jump atack1 battle poze atack2 atack3 melee atack gethit...
  19. UnityStore

    Dart Necron 1.0

    PBR材质(金属牝羊) 包含20个动画 idle1 idle2 步行 运行 atack1 atack2 atack3 atack4 atack5 激光枪的攻击 攻击蜘蛛机器人 “该 横着走 力攻击 受击 跳 伤口 修理 1 死刑 PBR的纹理。 反照率 - AO 金属 正常 (所有4096x4096大小) (叶片1028-1028大小) 面临32691 点34981 三61600 PBR textures(Metallic Sheder) Contains 20 animation idle1 idle2 walk run atack1 atack2 atack3...
  20. UnityStore

    Heavy knight 1.0

    PBR材质(金属牝羊) 包含14个动画 idle1 idle2 步行 伤口 运行 atack1 atack2 atack3 atack4 atack5 受击 死亡 battlepoze sidewaysstep PBR的纹理。 反照率 - AO 金属 正常 (所有4096x4096大小) 面临7017 点8635 三13689 PBR textures(Metallic Sheder) Contains 14 animation idle1 idle2 walk wound run atack1 atack2 atack3 atack4 atack5 gethit...