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    预览 QR Encoder JS Library 等待分享

    This item is a JavaScript library that can be used to generate fully customizable QR codes. The QR editing and encoding functionality is 100% done on the client. You are not dependent on internet access or any server side libraries to create and customize your very own QR code! There are two...
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    预览 Bitcoin QR Code Generator 等待分享

    Bitcoin QR code generator Features: bitcoin address validation ajax validation address and amount ajax load QR codes bootstrap 3.0.3 easy install and Setup Lib Supported qr codes: bitcoin bitcoin with amount Plain Text URL vCard SMS Email WiFi Geo Phone Demo Bitcoin QR code Generator...
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    预览 Advanced Custom QR Code Generator 等待分享

    This is the most advanced custom QR code generator script which lets your user change QR code from shapes to colors, even embed logos to it. Now, no more boring black and white squared QR codes. This advanced PHP QR code script lets your user design their very own QR code all by themself by...

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