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    Full 5 Crypt Pack 1.0

    高品质隐窝收集。 碰撞网格 纹理映射:4096x4096正常、Albedo、镜面 每个模型有3个细节层次。它允许优化游戏图形,并根据绘制合适的模型的负载范围。 碰撞网格能够正确处理游戏引擎中的物理模型。 High-quality Crypt collection. - Collision mesh - Texture maps: 4096x4096 Normal, Albedo, Specular There are 3 levels of detail for each model. It allows to optimise gaming graphics, and...
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    Crypt Pack 1.0

    -隐窝的Low poly模型 -屋顶 地板和墙壁 模壁 -支柱和受损的支柱 2段墙体 墙体2段破损 8对象。 理想像僵尸射击游戏,RPG游戏(中世纪的设置)和类似。上层部分可以很容易地删除游戏与3D人的看法。 1024x1024 textureMap包含JPG。 - Low-poly model of crypt - - Roof - - Floor and walls - Modular wall - - Pillar and damaged pillar - - 2 sections of wall - - 2 damaged sections of wall 8...
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    Crypt 1.0

    你所在地的地下墓穴-墓地 3纹理: 反照率 - metallicsmoothness 正常 Crypt for your location - Cemetery 3 textures: -Albedo -MetallicSmoothness -Normal
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    预览 Obstrufucate Text 等待分享

    Before you vote < 5 post please post a comment with what you don’t like about this item, I will update it so that you can vote 5 star. You can crypt from php,javascript and/or actionscript 3 and decrypt in php,javascript and/or actionscript 3 or inverse. Very easy to use but powerful in the...

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