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    Convert to one skin 1.0

    使用这个组件团结你的meshfilter和Skinnedmesh一skinnedmesh! 这将减少您的绘制调用计数! 只使用: 无效start() \r {    convertertoskin。转换(变换); } 你的抽奖数量将减少! 视频链接 论坛的帖子 Use this assembly to unite your MeshFilter and Skinnedmesh to one Skinnedmesh! This will reduce your draw calls count! Just use: void Start(){...
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    PBR Tools - Convert Legacy Textures to PBR & More! 3.0

    访问更多的教程,为你的游戏模式与其他伟大的东西! 统一的论坛主题 PBR工具是一家集设计为独立开发者工具。每个工具都有一个独特的目的,和我们的旗舰工具PBR转换器&纹理变换器将允许您继续使用任何传统的模型和纹理与统一5! PBR转换器...
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    预览 JSManipulate - jQuery Image Manipulation Plugin 等待分享

    JSManipulate is a feature packed jQuery plugin for applying and animating filters and effects on images. The plugin works on both image and canvas elements, and enables you to easily spice up your images and create beautifully animated effects. JSManipulate brings some unprecedently seen visual...
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    预览 Currency Convert GWD HTML5 Ad Banner 等待分享

    Cash or Currency convertion Ad Banner is designed with Google Web Designer. Perfect for Any Bank or financial organization to promote their easy cash convertion and transfer or transection facility for customers. And provided three most frequently used sizes in the market. 1. 160X600 2. 300X250...
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    预览 NeatCalc 等待分享

    A powerful calculator suite using a math parser for home, school and office use. Includes 7 different modes of operation: Main View: memory, power, square root, logarithmic, factorial and other functions like floor(), ceil() and random(). Includes more than 30 trigonometric functions. Simply...
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    预览 Business Card Maker with Admob 等待分享

    Description Business Card Maker is an Android application that help you manage your digital business card. Full Feature List Flat UI Splashscreen Add new card page Coverflow display page Cardbox page Create business card using templates Easy to add new template or customize existing templates...
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    预览 Safari Shot: Webpage Full Screenshot Extension 等待分享

    Watch Video Preview i am showing it in real device Safari Shot provides a screenshot extension for Safari on iOS 8. It streamlines the following process Features: Take full page screenshot of any website in Safari. Save the screenshot to Photo or Share to anywhere you want Universal (iPhone +...
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    预览 Premium Currency Converter for jQuery 等待分享

    Overview With Premium Currency Converter for jQuery, you allow your visitors to convert all the prices on your site using a little tool. They also get a little calculator to quickly convert currencies. All the exchange rates are daily updated and stored in your HTML5 Local Storage. Live...
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    预览 Thesis Post Image Converter 等待分享

    If you are a long time user of the Thesis theme, you may have used the “post image” feature to place images around your site. If you decided to change to a new theme, your “post images” would have been lost unless you manually added the images to the post content one-by-one. This plugin changes...
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    预览 Array To CSV Converter Class 等待分享

    ArrayCommaSeperated class designed for the converting array variables to cvs files with php. You can convert and save csv files with or without filenames. Also, you can print output to screen. The main advantage of class is flexible filenames and seperators. Documentation Link: Untitled...
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    预览 MP3 Converter PHP Script 等待分享

    Description: Create your own MP3 conversion site easily with our flagship software: • Downloads & converts content from up to 10 of the most popular video/audio hosting sites in the world • One FREE site module (your choice) is included with your purchase • Outputs converted files to MP3 audio...
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    预览 Cool Currency Converter 等待分享

    Cool currency converter is a jQuery plugin run with PHP to create a simple and a cool currency conversion widget. Changelog 2015 August 18 – Version 1.0.1 + Added custom hex color php supported on the create method + Added custom color picker on the demo generator + Added new hextorgb color...
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    预览 Array to CSV Class 等待分享

    Code examples & Documentation This is a useful class to convert an Array to CSV. Simple and easy to use Array to CSV CSV as string Save CSV as file Use custom seperators
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    预览 XML to RSS Converter 等待分享

    Xml2Rss Generator PHP class This class is an easy to use, simple XML to RSS generator. You can automatically convert your XML feed (or XML file) to a valid RSS 2.0 feed, with only a few required parameters. Advanved features include setting of optional RSS feed fields, custom description HTML...
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    预览 Excel to Html 等待分享

    Description Finally a good program that will help you to importing data in the web. Stop to write the data in the tables html, you just have to change the data inside the file Excel and this application read your excel and create the table html responsive with sorting.. Table Responsive...

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