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    预览 Magento Popup Content with Floated Button 等待分享

    Display floated button with popup content, this extension have following features: - Float Button to Left / Right - Change Button Image - Fancybox Popup Content
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    预览 Express - Facebook Content Engine 等待分享

    Express – is a Platform that helps you to find content from social media channel that’s easy to choose and post to Facebook all fanpages or groups in a minute. ie: You just need to type words for content searching include Youtube videos, Flickr photos and Instagram hashtags. Then select and post...
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    预览 Codeready Script - Online Code Playground 等待分享

    Create and manage contents you like, make your collection and share on social media. Check out codeready content editor providing every thing you need to customize or create contents easily within seconds just write code or drag and drop or modify a content from existing collection. Some Awesome...
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    预览 Backup MySQL to Amazon S3 等待分享

    This is a PHP script that when executed will save the contents of a MySQL to a .SQL file kept in an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. You can use a Cron Job to schedule this script to run as frequently as you want to backup your database. This script does not require mysqldump and can be run...
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    预览 Simple MySQL Export Function 等待分享

    A simple PHP function to get the contents of a MySQL database (uses MySQLi) as SQL (which can be saved as a .SQL file). This is a simple PHP function that will return the contents of a MySQL database, complete with structure and content of all tables. You can implement this function however you...

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