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    Choose Your Own Inspector 1.0

    选择你自己的检查员(cyoi)让你跳出个人目标和资产的编辑窗口,保持他们的手在继续工作的需要。保持你最需要的编辑。那些编辑们会呆在cyoi窗口直到你完成他们。从多个对象和资产打开多个编辑器,并将它们都在同一个窗口中,方便地到达!建立它,但是你喜欢! 手柄内置的编辑器,自定义编辑、材料编辑、ShaderGUIs、产权属性的抽屉,抽屉,抽屉和材料特性。...
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    Choose Level 1.0

    这是一个有水平的iOS和Android手机选择器菜单设计游戏界面。 该软件包包含一个小范围的用户界面元素,如按钮,字体,纹理和脚本,可以定制与其他用户界面的工作。 This is an in-game GUI with a level chooser menu designed for iOS & Android. The package contains a small range of UI elements like buttons, fonts, textures and scripts that can be customized to work with other...
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    预览 Game BattleBattle 等待分享

    The most exciting battle of all time is about to start again! For thousands of years BattleBattle happens. This year the team the Braves have only one representative, Marin. The team of Renegades have 5 fighters! Who will win? Each fighter has their Ink, a mixture of cat with rabbit. The Ink...
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    预览 What's That Animal? 等待分享

    Teaching children to recognize basic animals in a cool way Just tap the right animal before time runs out! Game features: - Cool interface - High score system - Made with Construct 2 - Capx files included - No required coding - Main Menu prior to game - Replay option - HTML 5 - Sound and...
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    预览 Responsive Infinite Upgrade Box Generator 等待分享

    Create an unlimited number of upgrade boxex with this simple css file. The zip file contains: Php generator – allowing you to generate boxes very easily Css file, along with pie fix for internet explorer(gradients and round border etc.) Documentation Icons for available and not available html...

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