1. UnityStore

    Make It A Brickwall 1.0

    使它成为一个砖墙让你立即自动创建和自定义任何瓷砖的墙、地面或覆盖从只有一个纹理图像! Make It A Brickwall allows you to automatically and instantly create and customize any kind of tile-based wall, ground or cover from only one texture image!
  2. UnityStore

    Old Sewers Brickwall 1.0

    这种动态的材料可以调整,创建在一个微型封装不同的结果上。 输出:漫反射,高光,正常,凹凸,位移,高度,光泽 参数:RandomSeed,深度,relief_balance,正常,浮雕,light_angle,hue_shift,饱和度,亮度,对比度,bricks_variation,湿,水分,side_bricks_color,bricks_color_01,bricks_color_02,moisture_01_color,mortar_color,moisture_02_color This dynamic material can be tweaked to create...
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