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  1. UnityStore

    Hand Painted Background Pack 1.0

    5美丽的全高清背景图像为您的游戏和应用。 快速添加一些颜色到您的应用程序的菜单,而不是单一的颜色背景。 1920x1080 32bit还能适用于2D游戏背景或快速的占位符图形真正展示你的观点。 5 beautiful Full HD background images for your games and apps. Quickly add some color to your app's menus instead of single color background. 1920x1080 32bit PNGs suitable for 2D game backgrounds or...
  2. UnityStore

    Playing Cards - Card Deck 1.0

    52卡高分辨率325×454甲板扑克。 包括6个不同的颜色美丽的背面的卡。 共有52张牌和6张背。 包括是2个红利按钮,共6个图像。 52-card high resolution 325 x 454 deck of playing cards. Included is 6 different colored beautiful backs for the cards. Total of 52 cards and 6 backs. Included is 2 bonus buttons, total 6 images.
  3. UnityStore

    Easy QR Code Generator Encoder 1.0

    超级简单易用的可定制的QR码发生器。 无插件 -跨平台 -统一自由和专业 •基本色的QR码不需要脚本 Super easy to use customizable QR Code Generator. - No plugins - Cross Platform - Unity Free & Pro - No scripting needed for basic colored QR Code
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