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    预览 WebMaster Tools - IP Banned 等待分享

    Description Ban by IP address Block access to your store for unwanted users or bots by adding their IP Addresses to our module. Enter the IP address you want to block and click submit. After that, the person with this IP will be prevented from entering your website and will get a 403 Error Page...
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    预览 Project SECURITY - Protection for your website 等待分享

    Project SECURITY – Protection for your website Project SECURITY is a powerful website security app that will protect your site from hackers, attacks and other threats. It could protect your site from SQLi Attacks (SQL Injection), Mass Requests (Flood / DDOS), XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy...
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    预览 Minecraft Whitelist Controller 等待分享

    Minecraft Controller (Minecraft Whitelist Controller) website allows you control whitelist through website. This will make your administration easier . Players can apply for whitelist place through website and Admin need one click to accept him and player will be automatically added to servers...
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    预览 Chat Plus v1.3 等待分享

    PRO VERSION IS HERE Chat Plus v1.3 is a web platform built on php, ajax, jquery and mysql. It allows every registered user to create their own chat rooms. The system has two types of rooms. When creating a new room, you can choose whether it is available to everyone, or password protected. User...
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    预览 Forbidden PRO v1.1 等待分享

    Forbidden PRO allows you to ban hackers countries spammers or unwanted visitors. You can redirect users to a forbidden page or site you want. You can view and edit bans. Do not worry about people from the country. You can prevent visits from the desired side. Features Bans by IP Address Bans...
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    预览 Web Keeper - Security & Optimization 等待分享

    Features Fully Responsive – Looks equally good on all screen sizes! Website Scan – Scan your website for junk files, shells and other potential threats. Automatically clean up junk files, remove shells and other threats, receive personalized suggestions on how to improve your website...
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    预览 HackerCatcher v2 - Protect your Site 等待分享

    HackerCatcher v2 is a PHP System that will allow you to protect your site from hackers and spammers. Also, you’ll save their information and ban them if you want, as well as receive an email notification when all this occurs. With HackerCatcher v2 you will be able to: Detect if someone is...
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    预览 SafeGuard Pro – Ultimate PHP & Website Protection 等待分享

    Introduction Video Trust us! SafeGuard Pro SafeGuard Pro With SafeGuard Pro you can protect your website from many threats. If you want you can also log this threats and review them in the admin panel. You can redirect blocked threats to a custom page for example a access...
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    预览 Ban System 等待分享

    Ban System Ban System allows you to ban hackers, spammers or unwanted visitors.You can redirect banned users to a page or site that you want. You can view and edit bans. Do not worry about visitors that are using proxy, because Ban system contain script to detect and block proxy visitors...
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    预览 BanCountry Compatible for Cms Pro! 等待分享

    BanCountry lookup’s for a country code then it redirect or ban the user country listed. Very Easy to Ban Automatic Bot System also it is very easy to implement. And not require any modification files.

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