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    预览 Cloud Backup & Versioning for Envato Purchases 等待分享

    Cloud Backup & Versioning for Envato Purchases Keep your Purchased Items safe in your own personal cloud account(s) Amazon S3 Dropbox Automatically upload backups and versions to your cloud accounts by just entering your purchase code and a backup/version title You don’t need to...
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    预览 Backup MySQL to Amazon S3 等待分享

    This is a PHP script that when executed will save the contents of a MySQL to a .SQL file kept in an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. You can use a Cron Job to schedule this script to run as frequently as you want to backup your database. This script does not require mysqldump and can be run...
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    预览 PHP AWS S3 Integration Library 等待分享

    PHP AWS S3 Integration Library provides an easiest way to integrate AWS S3 in a PHP project. Using this library you can use the S3(Simple Storage Service by Amazon) Bucket as a storage for user uploaded files in your project. Note: In order to use S3 as a storage you do not need to host your...

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