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    Modern LMG - AWS 1.0

    这包含有高质量的AWS轻机枪。 包括4个纹理(漫反射、镜面、AO、正常)与2K。 This Pack contains High - Quality AWS Light Machine Gun. Included 4 Texture (Diffuse, Specular, AO, Normal)With 2K.
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    AWS NoSQL DynamoDB Helper 2.3.1

    需要统一4.6.3p3,年长的4 x版本不再支持。 AWS NoSQL DynamoDB助手将帮助你连接到一个完全托管的NoSQL数据库服务,提供快速、可扩展的信息。 需要AWS DynamoDB 支持:PC | MAC | Linux | iOS | Android 视窗电话可能工作,不支持 网络播放器\/ WebGL不支持 概述DynamoDB 开始使用亚马逊网络服务(AWS) 开始使用DynamoDB 特征: *访问DynamoDB很容易通过统一 *多线程和线程安全 *自定义编程处理所有的CRUD操作 * Cognito身份保护使用可选 *可选使用高级的辅助类。...
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    AWS DynamoDBHTTP 1.0.1

    需要AWS DynamoDB 如果,出于某种原因,你想使用一个普通的OLE的HTTP请求使用DynamoDB,这里是你怎么做。有一个很好的评论你需要做什么,以及它是如何建立的。不需要插座和别的东西,所以这在理论上可以工作在所有平台上除了WebPlayer(因为没有地方政策对播放器进行连接。) 概述DynamoDB 开始使用亚马逊网络服务(AWS) 开始使用DynamoDB 作品与统一自由。 AWS免费层甚至会让你使用DynamoDB提供…自由!利用DynamoDB和DynamoDB助手原型开发你的应用程序,并支付你所需要的能力,当你需要它的时候。 从AWS...
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    预览 Amazon S3 - Droppy online file sharing 等待分享

    Droppy with Amazon S3 The Amazon S3 plugin will connect your existing or new Droppy setup to your S3 Bucket and stores all the uploaded files in your bucket. When a upload expires, the plugin will automatically delete the files from your bucket to reduce unnecessarily costs. Features: Fast...
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    预览 Ultimate Backup 等待分享

    Ultimate Backup is a PHP Class which allows you to backup your files, folders and databases to ensure data redundancy in the event, should you need to restore your data in an emergency. It makes life much easier not having to worry about managing your backup catalogue, complex schedules and...
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    预览 InAmazon Store 等待分享

    Would you like to have your own Website store featuring Amazon products? And would you like to have this Website store up and running in minutes? InAmazon Store for Amazon Associates by Juassic Studios is the solution. Feature Amazon Products Create a dedicated shopping area on your InAmazon...
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    预览 PHP AWS S3 Integration Library 等待分享

    PHP AWS S3 Integration Library provides an easiest way to integrate AWS S3 in a PHP project. Using this library you can use the S3(Simple Storage Service by Amazon) Bucket as a storage for user uploaded files in your project. Note: In order to use S3 as a storage you do not need to host your...

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