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    2D Beat Em Up Game Pack 1

    这个游戏包的灵感来自经典的老年人击败他们的游戏,如街头的愤怒,双龙, 战斗舰队和战斧。有11个字符,15个背景,47个声音文件和8个效果。 享受! 游戏内容: 11个字符 15背景 47的声音 8的影响 This game pack is inspired by the classic older beat em up games like Streets of rage, Double dragon, Battle Toads and Golden Axe. There are 11 characters, 15 backgrounds, 47 sound files and 8...
  2. UnityStore

    Zombie Smasher Game Pack 2

    这个僵尸终结者游戏包有八个独特的人物,四详细的背景和十个动画。这些图形可以用于许多不同类型的游戏,让你的想象力,野生和享受。 四个字符和四个僵尸 十动画 四背景 This zombie smasher game pack has eight unique characters, four detailed backgrounds and ten animations. These graphics could be used for many different types of games so let your imagination run wild and enjoy...
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