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    预览 ValidShapes CAPTCHA 等待分享

    ValidShapes is responsive-friendly ValidShapes fully support responsive design and resizes live on screen orientation change or on window resize if needed. ValidShapes is touch friendly On touch devices, ValidShapes can be used and the CAPTCHA solved with only one finger ! Your customers using...
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    预览 Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla 等待分享

    Cleantalk. Spam protect plugin for Joomla This plugin is a client software for spam prevent service CleanTalk. When you buy the plugin you get 3 month subscribe for 30 positive requests per day for free. Main features: Block spam registration Block spam comments Automatic public comments...
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    预览 QuestionCaptcha - The User Friendly Captcha 等待分享

    QuestionCaptcha is simple PHP library that is easy to integrate into your php forms and provies you with Turing test – based captcha protection. It is based on your own defined questions that users need to answer to pass the form. You can use exact string matches, number ranges and even REGULAR...

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